Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I point is...I have no point

It's hot, and I'm holed up in the house. Me no like the hot weather. It's been cool and wonderful until now. Dammit!

I picked a bowl of raspberries out in the garden and got stung by the first mosquitoes of the year, so yeah, the heat brings those little bastards out.

And I had to water my plants for the first time. Mudder Nature has been doing it up till now, how I miss her.

I made a nice macaroni salad, and a fresh cucumber salad with fresh dill for supper...plus a cold cut sammich on Ciabata bread. Gord just came home, so lets just try it before anyone says it good. hmm.

I left out the eggs in both my salads, because Gord thinks eggs are only for frying. So I put them in my salads only.

Are you yawning yet? I am.

Isn't this exciting? I'm not wearing a lampshade, just my own hair. Borrrrring.

Just a sec, I'm going to go to facebook and steal a pic of my two nieces who I loves to pieces. My niece Lisa was a bridesmaid for her cousin Ashely at her wedding. Lisa is in the middle and Cheri is the one on the right. Doesn't Cheri look like a young Cameron Diaz? I think so. Cheri and Lisa I smootch you guys even if you don't read auntie joanie balonies blog so much anymore. How dare you get lives of your own.!

The girl on the left...I don't know who she is...but I think it is a cousin from there mom's side of the family. She has pretty good rack. Did I just type that? And a tattoo...yikes. What is going on? But ..you know I have thoughts of getting a temporary one....on my forehead that says, "what was I thinking?"

Lisa looks so pretty in her dress. She is the Princess of the family. Now if you could see Cheri's eyes ...they are so amazingly blue/grey she looks like a young Cameron Diaz. Whenever I see a movie with Cameron Diaz I swear she is related to Cheri because she almost sounds like her too.

I started this blog way before supper....and just a note:

Supper tasted like "ass." The only thing that tasted good was the fresh cucumber salad. Just a note to those who are buying low fat cheddar cheese....that shit doesn't melt right. I turns into a piece of orange plastic, and it doesn't taste much better either. Going back to real cheese. Screw that shit.

Now I'm going over to facebook and screw around with some heads over there, I'm done with yours.


Anonymous said...

Namaste, La Toya. Sorry your dinner tasted like "ass."

Anonymous said...

Damn! You looked so cute with the bag over your head!


Brenda said...

Sorry you got skeeter bit and your supper tasted like ass. Things will get better, surely. Your nieces are sure cute!!

Sally said...

Awwww, your nieces are adorable!!

Yeah, we found out about that fake cheese. YUK!!!!

I'm laughin' at poolagirl. hahaha

Donna said...

She Does look like Cameron Diaz! Pretty Girls!!! They take after You!hughugs