Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I bow to you my friends.

This last week I have certainly done something...I have told the whole internet I am out of touch. And...just a tad stupid. I finally looked it up tonight. I just didn't get it. And when I found out, I went...ohhhh I was disappointed. I knew it was something to do with yoga, or I thought it did. But nothing made sense. Plus I was still trying to have a little fun. But I really didn't know.

I certainly will have to go downstairs to my little old library, and dig up my old Kahlil Gibran books, and get back my to my inner self. Put the petals back on the rose so to speak.

I was so sure it meant Eff off bitches.... that just sounded so cool and so confident. Now when I read those blogs, I will be a little disappointed, they are wimps!

Yeah I know they are giving the writer a "high five" so to speak, but I just thought there was more balls behind it.

I think I need more time to get rid of my old unwanted hair.


Brenda said...

Hahahaha!! Miz Joan, I have had a really shitty week. My kids have been shitty, my husband is always an ass, but I can come here and you always give me the biggest, cleansing, laugh so the shit and asses in my life don't matter so much. Thank YOU! (((hugs)))

Poolie said...

Namaste, my friend. I greet the glory in your soul (and the funny words on your page). So...are you going to enter my bucket contest? I'm waiting!

Donna said...

I'm with Miz Brenda Joan...keep were Made for it!

judemiller1 said...

I agree--when I looked it up and found what it meant--I wasn't too impressed. Guess I am old and out of touch with the cool people.

Joan said...

hey Brenda...I got a lot shit and asses too, you just have to develop some huge callouses? ..that those bastards can't get through.

Poolie, Friday warned.

Mary Lou said...

Never let the old asses get to ya! Do it for YOU!