Monday, August 03, 2009


I still have no idea, even after spelling it wrong, for heavens sake. I thought of making sure I was spelling it right after I wrote the blog, but I was pretty cocky. And look where that got me, with an egg planted squarely in the middle of my big fat face. This is why I don't go to BlogHer. I can't even get the trendy stuff right. I would have been shunned.

Have you ever read a book and read one of the characters names wrongly at the beginning, it sticks with you right to the end of the book, so it is with me and Namaste. God!

Poolie said:
Namaste means.....oh.....should I tell you? I use it frequently (but not in writing). I also use it as a joke. Na-mas-te and na-mas-go. I won't tell you what it means. I think you are having more fun figuring it out.

Namaste, mi amiga!

I think it is Spanish for something.

But I keep on going over it and over it, and all I see from her description is German. Because that is all know.

In German/mennonite Na-mas-te... would sort of translate into ..."Hey..must you?" And na-mas-go, would mean "you must go". Sorry I just don't get it.

When Poolie said, she used the word a lot.. but not in writing, I was considering it meant "Fuck" because she rarely uses that. But, when I sort of translated it into German .."Hey, must you"..and then "you must go", I came up with Fuck off. But I don't think that is what it is. It's probably some Yoga shit everyone is into. But then why does Poolie say she uses it as a joke? Poolie know a lot of stuff, even about a camels toes in your pants. heh

Damn it. I still haven't looked on google, it's killing me man.


Anonymous said...

Well, I Googled it. You must be getting a lot of other look-ups, because your previoiusly dated blog post was #6.

Think of photonic synchronicty...



Poolie said...

ROFL and pee my panties! My gosh you are funny! Here's a clue. It's Sanskrit. And I said it the other night in a church when I performed. Even though I sang a song about bestiality, I never said the words "fuck" or "fook." Not even in Sanskrit. How's that for a clue clear as mud? And it doesn't mean "time to hose down the camels" either.

judemiller1 said...

Well--your definition is certainly a hell of a alot more fun than the "real" one.

Brenda said...

Well now I feel even more an idiot than ever I was. I do not know what "photonic synchronicty" is, nor do I know what a Sanskrit might be.

How did we get through life not knowing these things Miz Joan?

And I agree with Jude!

Donna said...

Obie wan Kanobi would know...I Know he would...hahaha

Rosie said...

The Dalai Lama would know. Michael Valentine Smith groks it too...and I try to remember it even with people I don't much care for.