Saturday, August 15, 2009

Woodstock baby

I checked out a few stores today and couldn't find it.

But, of course in Future Shop the music was so loud, I almost lost my balance. I went in there to look for a MP3 player and to buy the Woodstock DVD set.

Once I regained my balance a lady who was across a narrow isle from me, bent down and knocked me into a glass display of telephones with her big fat ass. She sort of said "excuse me" and kept on digging for some piece of crap on the bottom shelf. I was flapping around trying to get my footing and trying not to pull down the entire display of cordless telephones. She never gave me a second glance.

After I gathered up my dignity I approached an "associate" for the new Woodstock DVD, ...he didn't have a clue, but did direct me to an isle that contained DVD's...yeah I knew where they were, asshole. Anyway, I was in a hurry and I wanted to buy a MP3 player as well. I checked them out... I didn't have a clue what I was looking for. But, I knew I wanted a "touch screen" because I didn't want to fuck around with figuring shit out. Point and go. I picked out the perfect one. It wasn't too expensive, because I don't need anything high end, I just want to record pod casts with it and put some pictures in it. I don't listen to music that much other than on our system at home it was cool.

Of course the guy tells me I need an I Pod...I don't think so. I told him I found the one I am looking for ..right here, ...see...the one in the cheap seats. He frowns at it. And says a number of customers have brought this baby back because the battery power on this model is low...or some dumbfuckingthing. And then he tried to redirect me to a higher end model which is about the size of your fingernail ...I swear that MP3 player was so small I could have fit it up my ass. Sure, if my only objective was to have music blaring out of my butt, that unit would have been my first choice, but as it is I have enough music coming out of it on normal day to day basis. Thank you.

I started to get a little cranky with the little whippersnapper, and redirected HIM back to my original choice. He conceded and said he would go back to the warehouse to see if they had any in stock. Of course, they didn't.. Well, then why in the hell do they have the display model sitting there and mocking me??

I left in a huff.

Then I huffed off to Office Depot, and they had all their MP3 players locked up like Fort Knox, and you couldn't even touch them. They didn't even have a display model, you had to choose from pictures on locked boxes on the shelves. What, are these things made of.... gold?

Good grief, all I want to a simple MP3 player with touch screen. Are you as tired of reading this as I am telling you about it. How can something so simple become so frigging difficult. I guess I will have to buy my DVD set on the internet. I was hoping I could just pop in the store. But...ohhhh no.

My smoke alarm has been going all the live long day. It's been raining and raining and raining, and the humidity is nuts ...and it thinks it is smoke. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I think smoke and humidity are two different things. If I would have wanted a humidity detector I would have bought one, but as it is I bought a SMOKE detector ...which never goes off even if I burn shit on the stove. Probably if I would have enough moisture in the stuff I am burning, it would catch the steam and start to BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. Oh god that sound is ripping my soul apart today.

I am pissed off at everything. And another thing, I made a batch of wine two weeks ago, and it won't "clear up." It's a bunch of mud. This has never happened before in all my wine making days. So tonight I had to drink Kool Aid. Well it might as well be Kool Aid....somebody gave me this sissy strawberry wine for Christmas. And on a Saturday night, my night to let my hair down! I'm drowning my sorrows with some fresh raspberries I picked from the garden and low fattyass ice cream...yumm.

Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the fat-assed lady who knocked into you needs some nachos as big as her ass! What a day, lady!

Donna said...

Those women are awful but I Hate the ones that, while you're trying to write out your check, scooch right up next to your right side and try to look at your check book...Grrrr...Glad you weren't hurt in the skirmish!! Ever find the mp3 player? Touchscreen? Never seen one of those!
I've never made wine...only beer...once!Hahaa...hughugs

Joan said...

Yeah, you only make beer ONCE.

Brenda said...

As cranky as I've been lately, a butt bumping shopper would probably get laid out in one of the Wal Mart isles down here.

The offer for muscadine wine still stands. come on down and we'll get to sippin'.

I don't know nuttin' bout no mp3 player except kind of how to turn one on,,,sometimes.

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