Wednesday, September 02, 2009


So little time, so much to do.

I'm going on holidays next week so I can start to relax. Heaving a sigh of relief. Man I am wiped out.

It's times like this that facebook comes in real handy to still connect with other bloggers.

I cleaned up the back 40 on Sunday, along with my little garden pond and flowers etc. Everything was so over grown because of all the rain this summer. So I snipped them. I snipped them so close to the ground they might never come back up. I was feeling snippy. Then I started to prune the trees, well hells bells, when you do one, ya gotta do em all.

It's starts out as ..okay lets snip this branch, then..umm this branch,.........then it becomes a full blown addiction. You want it all gone! You have a pair of pruners and NEED to cut something really bad. And the more you cut, the more of the sky you can see. And you wonder why in the hell you didn't do this before. But then your old legs give out and start to cramp up after all the gardening crap. And you lay on the lawn like a half dead turkey, waiting for them to go away...whilst the dog is licking your face and has her "Lassie" cell phone in her paw dialing doggie 911.

Once the cramps subsided and I got up and continued my rounds. Then Gord came home for a bit and decided we should shovel a mound of 1000 pounds of gravel we have on the driveway in his little trailer to take back to his shop. Lovely. Some how he always sucks me into his projects when I have my own. So, I got out the shovels. One just missed his head.

Sorry for the lack of posts, but lately...shit.. I just can't get it together.

Hopefully next week I can get my shit together.

I got stuff to say, but not time to say it in.....


Sally said...

You'll get it together. I know you will. And, goodness gracious a holiday to look forward to!! YAY!!

Brenda said...

You are the most together lady I know. Gord better keep ducking that shovel. :-)

Donna said...

On the lawn???Hahaa...Good Lord Girl! I envy you time off!! Hope you have a Wonderful rest!!hughugs

Joan said...

You guys! I can always count on you. Thanks so much for understanding. I will Angel Man to bless you all!

Joan said...

I will GET