Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have to get past that last post...pushing it down

Geez, I was in sad state of affairs yesterday...good grief! What came over me?

Let's get a little more cheery...okay?

A bizillion geese just flew over my house. Is it fall already? I guess that is why my deck is full of goose poop.

I got pinned yesterday, and a man helped me out.

I was in Super Store and for some reason I thought I could bring up my cart beside the check stand and slip through it to the other side to pay for my groceries. I couldn't...I was pinned between the other check stand and this one. I tucked in my belly as far as you can tuck -a- belly and I was stuck. Like a pig. I gestured to the cashier, and when she finally saw me waving frantically, she said I will try to get someone from customer service to free you. Holy shit. I was stuck and it hurt. The kind man behind me suggested he might try to move the cart backwards. But I was stuck pretty tight, and every time he moved the cart I yelped like a puppy. Finally he did a little jiggle thing .... and I was free.

How frickin stupid was that?

How embarrassing? Very. Customer service had already been summoned with the "Grocery JAWS OF LIFE." which consisted of one very tired looking Manager with "whatthellnow" look written all over his face. But, by that time I had been freed.

Let Freedom ring.

I paid, and collected my groceries with shame.

All the people in the store were looking at me, and silently saying to themselves..there goes that lady who got stuck between two check stands. What is wrong with her?

My ribs really hurt this morning from all the tugging.

Just another life lesson.

Don't try to put the cart before the horse.


Donna said...

OMWord Miz Joan! I'm just glad you're alright!! That could have done some real damage!
And your last post was a wonderful tribute to your Mother! Don't feel bad, for feeling...bad!

Poolie said...

That is a great story! Glad you are okay, lady! I can't even come close to topping that one. All I ever did in a grocery store was get my fingers stuck in the sides of the hand-basket.

Mary Lou said...

Oh FUNNY!!!! I would have just died! how in the WORLD did you get stuck?

Anonymous said...

Gotta ask. Why does want me to login to her system? Last 4-5 days at least.

Can I do my online banking from there? Well, the withdrawals at least! ;-)


Donna said...

OH, ME TOO!! Pooliegirl account is requesting that I give my sign in word AND password!!
POOLIE!! You might want to check this out!

Donna said...

PS-It happens when I click on Your blog Joan! The little sign in box pops up!

Joan said...

I don't know..I will take her off my blog list to see if it makes a difference.

Joan said...

Poor poola girl she would be embarresed. It must of been some glitch when I added her to my list. I will look into it.

Joan said...

It's working now. I think it's diaryland thing...but not sure.

Joan said...

Carry on

Anonymous said...

Musta fixed it!