Sunday, September 06, 2009

Wow, the weather is great like summer should be

But for the majority of the day I did sweet "f" all. Oh yeah, I made "half crazy" pickles. We Mennonites have such a way with words don't we. By half crazy, I mean they weren't canned, and only half done. We call that CRAZY. I just boiled up the vinegar, water and salt and added it to jars of sliced up cukes with a bunch of dill and garlic in them. Cool em off, put them in the fridge...and Bob's your uncle. Great for sandwiches. You should probably use them within a few weeks. I didn't have any canning jars, so I used a few old store bought pickle jars I had saved.

I just finished prepping our supper. And other stuff for the rest of the week.

I am sitting on the deck, and it is lovely. Not a breath of wind, which is unusual for these parts. It's kind of hard typing because normally I have my wireless keyboard, b u t...someone forgot it out in the rain last weekend. It went to shit. I'ts more comfortable I can just put in on my lap and sit back on my chair and type. Now I got my friggin nose in the screen.

My brother and SIL showed up last night at Attitude Adjustment hour. Wow, I haven't seen them for so long. It was so good to see them. We caught up on a lot of stuff.

I am nervous....I am grilling steak on the BQ tonight, and I always fuck it up...always. We go in with such high hopes, then after we are finished Gord will say:

Well, it was better than the last come on! I know shit when I eat it. He is way to kind, he is only scared I won't make it again, because he loves steak and I don't, so we don't make it too often. Cooking on the BQ is just my worst fear. I am a pretty good cook, but..take me out my element (the kitchen) all goes to hell.

My poor ole Penny Loafer, she hurt her little hoffie again. Yet she does not give up. Playtime is playtime and wants to hobble after her ball. Of course that didn't happen and she has the most saddest look on her face. I tried to wipe if off, but it just stayed sad looking.

On another note:
I heard a young girls cell phone conversation yesterday that just blew me away. I had to get close to her outside the store just to see the outcome. It was bizarre. I think she was about 17 or 18 years old, and was unlocking her bike getting ready to leave.

At first this what I heard:
ANDREA! you are old enough to get in a bus and find your way home. You have proven to me and the whole family that you are not mature enough to to make any decisions, and the one's you make are always the wrong. Let's go over them! (this is in a parking lot)

A.) (she yelled and A) You are just lazy and using dad to pick you up at the mall whenever you want to. You know he will do anything you want, and you take advantage of him.

B) she yelled and B) I am on my bike and can't pick you up. Don't bother trying to find dad. He has better stuff to do.

AND C) she yelled C) she told her what a lazy brat she was, and needed to grow up. Stuff does not grow on trees, while she sleeps until noon and spends the rest of the day in the mall and expects someone to pick her up.

Then, as she got on her bike and passed me she still had her cell phone in her hand, and I heard:

AND D) she yelled D) If you think mom and dad are going support you through University you are wrong, because you can't even take care of yourself at home. are such a loser....and her rant went on and on and finally as she pedalled away I couldn't hear her anymore.

I just loved her organized thought process. ABCD. 1234 HUP. She can't have much older than her sister, but she sure had her shit together. Andrea will be loser in the family and "bike "girl will probably be a cop. OR an accountant, I'm not sure. She has organizational skills for sure. And nobody has to pick her up, because she has a bike. Maybe a lawyer, I'm not sure.

I am really starting to enjoy facebook. I don't really get it yet, but I like the one on one banter. There is stuff I have to figure out yet.

Year's ago I was always on "chat" and that was in in real time. I don't think I could keep up with that anymore. I just don't have the patience or the time. AOL ..those were good times baby. We were bad dudes.

Just a note to anyone who reads my blog, and you want to come over to facebook and chat, just look me up and I would love to befriend you...or whateverthehelltheycallitoverthere. Some lameass name.

I took me 2 hours to put up two pictures. Ouch.


Donna said...

What I don't get is Why is everyone always screaming at each other just to be heard??? I give a lot of "dirty" looks when I hear stuff like that...geez
The pickles look Good! And easy!
And I'll bet that steak turned out to be delicious!!hughugs

judemiller1 said...

I couldn't find you on FB. I am just learning the ropes over there too.
If you want to find me, I am Judy Miller in the Ann Arbor, MI area.

Poolie said...

I can't find you either. I am Poola Boola (and I never yell at people on my cell phone).

Joan said...

I wonder why you guys can't find me, I probably signed in with some bogus name again. I do that all the time. Try my email address

Anonymous said...

I tried to find you also...I will try again...I bet your pickles will eb so good...if you have any grape leaves handy, try just one next it a good flavor...Okay, I am looking for you...right now!

Joan said...

Jude, I can't find you.

Dorie said...

Oh gee I understand about putting up pictures! The new computer has a different picture publisher.}I loathe and despise learning new stuff like that! Today I learned not to save the picture to my file when the image is 28 inches wide!