Friday, September 11, 2009

I hurt one of my paws

It's my back paw. Ouch.

I have been doing so much walking this week that my flat feet farted. It's that little piece between your big toe and the ball of your foot that hurts friggin hell. Metatarsal? whatever. I used to get this when I wore high heels to work back in the dark ages! I'ts put a "cramp" in all the stuff I wanted to do on my brief holiday.

Our painter: Lord, he is a nice guy, but he broke Penny's doggie ramp coming up the back stairs to the house. He has been painting the outside of the house for about a week. On Monday, I told Gord that Penny's ramp looked like it was caving a bit in the middle, and he said he would screw it down on the weekend.

On Tuesday, while I was having coffee, reading the paper, and eating bon bon's in the kitchen I heard a huge thump. I ran outside to see the painter and half the ramp down on the patio. Fortunately it broke a few steps up or he would have fell a few feet. I never even imagined he would go up that ramp, it's so narrow, and obviously not meant for people.

After some discussion, he has been using it for sometime....therefore the bow I noticed in the ramp. ahhhhhhh The timing couldn't have been worse because Penny injured her leg last Thursday, and I was counting on the ramp for her to get in and out of the do da bidness.. Gord didn't have time to fix it for two days, and I had to haul the dog up and down the stairs ..for TWO friggin days.

Penny had no idea that she was walking on three legs, once she down in the lawn, it was all about play time, she just couldn't figure out why all the attention and NO playtime. Reigning her in was the terrible. She ran on three legs! I think she is pretty well normal now....after giving her the old med's she used to take for her arthritis. I think I may drop a little of that in my cheerio's tomorrow... and howl and the moon.

So, the dog and I are pretty well at a even keel. We both have our back paws splayed out and are resting.


I bought a new phone. I really love it. We had a corded phone in our kitchen forever. You know the kind (off white) .. high up on the wall, with a cord that was stretched out like an old ladies vagina....yeah that kind. In the past years I have bought so many cordless phones, that never worked. So, I just gave up and used the old lady. But then she passed away. Someone pulled that cord a little too tight and she gave up the fight.

I had a problem with the new phone placements etc, and you know I just solved it in my head by writing this and trying to explain it. You don't want to know how easy that was. Nevermind. I would have been embar(assed). Ass being the operative word here. I was going to ask your opinion. phew... sometimes it just takes writing it down to figure shit out.

I could tell that I was wiped out this week. I needed some time off. I didn't get up before 11:00 AM everyday until Thursday. When I woke up that morning I finally felt refreshed and didn't feel the need to curl up and let the morning slide by. And this morning I was up at 9:00 AM again. I have three more days off..... plus another week at Christmas.

Best part of being at home:

This morning as I was having my coffee outside on the deck, I noticed a little activity in the bushes on the left side of the fence. There is a "cat walk" so to speak all around our property and the neighbours. It's a walkway for anything with 4 feet...except my painter. I'm surprised he didn't try it.

First of all I thought it was cat walking the runway...then I noticed another cat..then another...OMG three raccoons following each other on the fence. They stopped when they saw the neighbour working next door....and they dropped down into my garden. I ran into the house and got my camera.... they scoured around my garden for a bit...and then Penny started to bark, and they went back up the fence. I keep Penny in after that...and watched them. They came up the fence and were back on the cat walk. They saw me with my camera on the deck, but didn't seem to be very concerned, as they ambled down the walk. I took a picture...andforfucksake...the very first time I have a picture of interest to freaking card was full. I just about shit myself.

But I will never forget those three masked little faces looking at me and slowly moving on.

What else am I missing here in the mornings?


Donna said...

Instead of a vacation at home, maybe Next time you get some time off you need to come to Texas!!Hahaa...You work too hard! Sorry about the foot! Ouch!
And don't feel too bad about the full card! I've done it too! Get Gord off the house, pile in the car and go...skydiving!!LOL
Happy weekend sweetie!!hughugs

Brenda said...

Oh no, don't listen to Donna, don't go skydiving! I would have a panic attack just thinking about it!

You city folks see some of the absolute BEST critters!!

Have you thought about maybe visiting the doctor about your foot? I sure hope it gets better quick.