Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I do not own a housecoat

I bought the best housecoat evar...today at our neighbourhood Salvation Army Store. I never have something to throw on if someone rings the doorbell before 10:00 AM LOL......yeah I'm joking...sort of..

 It has huge teddy bears on it....a  hoodie, and a zipper in  front for fast action when someone rings the bell....and huge pockets in it for carrying all my pepper spray if it happens that the people that are ringing the door bell are of the Jehova ilk.

It's the best housecoat ever.  I may never get dressed again before lunch.


judemiller1 said...

I keep forgetting to go to the Salvation Army when I need some at home clothes. Well--actually--"at home" clothes are all I really have now that I am retired. I should go there to look for books to read too--I spend way too much on Amazon.com. The store is less then a block from here--you'd think I'd remember wouldn't ya? What did Gord say about the teddy bear bathrobe?

Dawn said...

Since we have a dog now, getting dressed first thing in the morning is a must ! I always would put on sweats. That has been my choice here lately !

Sally said...

I never get dressed unless I HAVE to, and that ticks me off 'cause of the bra thing. Hate it!! :)

Donna said...

I'm NEVER far from my housecoat! Ever!!!Hahaaaa
Yours sounds Nice! PHOTO!!Hahaaa

Grandma K said...

Dress before 10 - what a thing. Since I have learned I don't have to get up with DH at 6:30 - like when I was working and/or keeping grand kidlets, I am in pjs for hours!!

Thank you for reminding me of Salvation Army or (closest to me - Goodwill)!

Donna said...

Get dressed before lunch??? People actually do that?! LOL.