Monday, December 27, 2010

What the heck?

I just had 4 very wholesome teenagers at my front door.  When I went down to answer the door I thought they were late carolers.  When I opened the door, all four of them tried to give me pamphlets and wanted to know if Jesus was my savior.  I was astounded, I stood there for a moment and didn't know what to say.  I felt intimated.  The leader of the group would not let me get a word in edgewise....she wanted to KNOW if Jesus was my saviour.  I said sorry it's none of your business.... I closed the door.  She said Merry Christmas.......well hells bells...They had badges on their jackets indicating they were from some kind of Holy Faith group...but so what.  Religion is a very personal and private part of my life and I sure don't want to be discussing that with you at my front door.  It all looked surreal...if I would have continued the conversation they would have probably tried to convert me to their church...or maybe sell me some Rachael Rae pots and pans.


Well Gord's family was over yesterday.  We had the lasagna dinner.  It was crappy.  I burned the garlic toast...the salad was sloppy....Trifle dessert was good because my niece made it.   I hope I can do better next year.  Everyone was in my kitchen....which is very small and it makes me very nervous.  GO AWAY people and let me do my stuff.  Gord was the worst offender because he decided that the lasagnas were not warm enough and kept on putting them back in the oven .....when I needed the oven to make the garlic toast.  By the time we got the fricking lasagna on the table I turned the oven on high...and burned the toast............

Then last night I had acid reflux for the first time.  Holy moley that hurts.  I woke up with this hot crap in my throat and thought I was going to choke.  I had too much rich stuff to eat last night, which I am not used that "Trifle" which I ate just before going to bed.  oy oy.  A couple of Rolaids's did the trick, but I never will eat crap like that again.  I put way to much cheese in the lasagna.  Three kinds.  And lots of it.

The kids had a great time again.  Except this year their favorite place "the rec room" was empty because we have stored it all away.  That meant they had to "be in our space."  I had to kick them out of the waterbed twice...Nothing good can come from two teenagers and 3 smaller kids jumping on a water bed.  We know that from last year when the old mattress sprung a leak.  It's funny how loud they can be while each of them was staring at their I pods...everything is soooo funny at their age.  AND LOUD. 

I bought the oldest girls fur "Fargo" hats for Christmas and they loved them.  The little one's were so we decided from now on Auntie Joanie will be the hat buyer at Christmas for all the kids.  That will make it easy and yet so much fun. 


Katie May (or may not) said...

When me and Ms Logic meet at your new house, we plan to knock on your door and wave pamphlets ... just for fun.
Bwa ha ha!!!

Dawn said...

haha about the holy rollers !! We get them about once a year ! I nicely close the door and tell them I am not interested ! Too bad about your garlic bread !! LOL

Poolie said...

Reflux AND Jesus converters? Wow! Paydirt!

Donna said...

I don't think it was What you ate but When you ate it...I just can't eat late anymore and go to Does hurt!
And you should have told them you were Catholic....they run....Hahaaaa....I grew up Catholic and trust me, it works.

Joan said...

Katie May...too funny. I will always have room in the inn for you two.

Poolie haaaaa...I know I was so blessed. Little creeps. Paydirt..haaaaaa

Dawn..the next holy roller will be rolling down my driveway..

Donna..You are right I should not eat before bedtime...but I was hungry because I was wired and tired.