Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I have been shopping for a sink for the island kitchen

I found it.  I love it. You can see it here

I didn't want another double sink like I have now...or have had for a trillion years.  I like how open it is for doing big jobs like pots and pans without that centre piece of the dual sink getting in the way.  Plus it's pretty and a little more shallow than the norm.  It's an under mount sink and will look really good with the granite in our kitchen.  It also has a cutting board with a drain tray for veggies etc. that fits over the left hand side when you are not using it to bathe little babies!!  You could!.   Our double sink has always made me mad.  I usually keep a cutting board on one side and only use the other side for washing stuff etc. Ever try to get a big pan in there?  Impossible.  In the olden days when we didn't have dishwashers .... yes that other side of the double sink would have had some use for rinsing dishes and putting them up on the cupboard to dry.  But now, I just use it as extra counter space to dice veggies. 

I am sure everyone out there has there own ways of how they use their kitchen and how they cook to get maximum efficiency of the space we are dealt with.

I know Gord doesn't have clue.  He keep poking his nose in my business.  Hey, I don't question the shit he knows don't be messing with mine. 

I know a few of you of you were wondering about the kitchen window from what I said in the last post....I did respond and you might not have gone back to see what I said.  So I will just try to explain it.  All the kitchen appliances, cupboards, small office area,& counters are lined up in one area. Then a about 5 feet or more from that is the large island with the sink in it.  With more cupboards below etc.  So instead of looking out over my sink in the kitchen like I have now...I will have a 3 huge windows to look on to while I chop my broccoli.  It's hard to explain but once we get a little further with this this I hope you will approve. I could never live in a kitchen without a window....being a somewhat former feminist that is all I ever asked for.. a window in my kitchen and a dog in my bed.


Dawn said...

I just your kitchen sink !! I can't wait to see pictures of your kitchen!

Sally said...

That is one awesome sink! I love it. :)

Donna said...

LOVE the single compartment sinks...and now understand better about the window...
Hope you're feeling better now Joan!!

judemiller1 said...

Ah, I see now--about the window. I love the big sinks--in my last house, I had a double sink, but each side was very large, with drain boards on each side--a big stainless thingie. I not only bathed babies in it, but it held the biggest roasting pan for washing too. I am just so excited about the new house. Can't wait for more pictures.

Grandma K said...

It sounds just wonderful! Oh to have that much room in the kitchen. Makes me want to - push out a wall, I guess! That would be the only way - or to just move.