Friday, December 03, 2010

They were putting the windows in today

The new front door.  It hasn't been stained yet...but it will be a rich brown colour.  I surprised one of the guys working in the house as he opened the door.  He is hiding in the back.

That is the four car garage nestled in the back...I didn't get a good angle on it.

OMG... my porch!  there it is.  I had to fight a lot of fights to get it...and I got it.  I must have been a Southern Belle in another life.....I'm going to love it so much.  I already have ideas how to decorate it for next Christmas. 

This is truly the best.  It is so hard to imagine what you want on a piece of paper ... and with the help of my dear friend and designer hippy chick and Gord's dream of actually doing looks like it's going to be just what we wanted.  I am very very happy. 

I had to laugh when the framer guy ...helped me in the house ...again... it was kinda steep.  He had some questions about the windows for me, and said as we went in..."don't mind the mess."  Ha...just like he lives there...I will soon be saying that too. 

Shingles are coming up next week.  A little piece of paradise.


Anonymous said...

So exciting!!!! I won;t even let my husband see those garages or he'll just throw himself into oncoming traafic!!!!!

Brenda said...

Oh Miz Joan it's already so beautiful! I know you will enjoy your porch so MUCH!!

Dawn said...

I love it and it isn't my house !! You are going to love that porch!! I know 'we' would love to have that 4 car garage, knowing that we only have 2 cars, that would be sweet. Keep posting pictures !! Your front door is gorgeous !! :)

Donna said...

WOWOWOW!! You didn't Say it was almost friggin' FINISHED!!!
What a Great Builder! And in the Snow, no less....Geeez!
I LOVE IT!! And you're going to Love the porch!!
Love Gords Photo....Hahaaa...Tell him he's a SuperStar in BlogLand!!

Sally said...

LOVE it all! And, love you for sharing with us! :)

Donna said...

I know exactly how you feel, after going through the building process myself earlier this year! I'm so happy for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful house that will be!!!!

Katie May (or may not) said...

It looks great, Joan. Why, it already looks cosy! That's what a veranda will do, I guess.

judemiller1 said...

I so love it!!! I so want a house in the woods. I am so jealous...but happy for you.

Christmas lighted garlands around each post on the porch.