Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I put a candle in Santa's hand and he backhanded me

I love this guy, I have had him for about three years now.  He seems to always be looking at me even when he is down in the basement storage area in summer.  I think he keeps me honest.  Sometimes I go down there in summer and give a squeeze...because he is so cute.  He is about 3-4 ft. high. 

This year I bought a few battery operated candles and put one in his little plastic hand...and it fit. Then he started to fall... and hit me on the head. Perhaps I did not anchor him correctly...but for a guy that can ride a sleigh and guide reindeer...I didn't think I would have to prop the guy up...I know he is about 5 million years old...so I dusted him off gave him some milk and cookies and we had a good talk about what is is wrong with THIS world.  We talked about politics, and all the diseases we have...heart, cancer etc..... and you want to know what Santa said...."shit happens"....So I'm guessing we have to pray to a higher power...because this guy does not give a hairy rats ass.

See that floor lamp behind him?  I bought two of them to flank the wall unit in the living room.  They are so cool.  Best of all are the lights that shine up from the top of them and it gives more light in a room that has a catherdral ceiling ...without any freaking pot lights!!  That will never happen again in the new house.  I'm tired of living in the dark.  They will also look good in our new house too. 

I am all ready for Christmas...this has never happened before....I'm getting bored.... I just have to go grocery shopping and get all the stuff for the 26th. when all Gord's family is coming over.  My family won't be able to make it until a week later, because my SIL takes care of kids in crisis.  This is her first year doing this.  She has always had a day care centre in her house but gave that up two years ago.  Now she decided to work with Child and Family Services to take care of little children when they are removed from their homes.  They will be "on call" throughout the Christmas season and never know when the police and Child Care Services will bring them children in need of care.

I cannot say how impressed I am with her and my brother. It takes special people to take care of others.. Yes, they get paid for it...but they also love the kids and try to make there stay with them a special time.

So I'm looking foward to it all ..whenever we can get together. 

To my blogger friends....
"It's Always Something"....this is my gift to you.

I always try to stay in touch. 

Balonie...Greetings from the other side.


Brenda said...

Merry Christmas Balonie! Keep Joan in line there, ok?

Dawn said...

Merry Christmas !! :) I do hope Santa brings you your iPad !! :)

Donna said...

Are you shitting me??? LOL. Merry Christmas, sweetie, and I hope you get lots of baloney in your stocking. One can never have too much.

Donna said...

What a wonderful SIL! Wonderful thing to be doing...
God Bless Us Each and Every One!

Sally said...

LOL!! Love your Santa!

Your sil and bro are mighty fine people. I admire them, and hope there won't be any children needing them this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas! :)

judemiller1 said...

Well Santa is just adorable!!! Merry Christmas Joanie.