Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Penny Loafer

I went to Petland today to buy Penny her Christmas presents....and what did I see ... a lovely little puppy jacket that just matched her colour.  It looked a little big...but I thought she could probably grow into it.  Ummmm she is 11 years old.  Yeah..I know.

It was a really sweet one.  Some of them are so complicated and the dog gets pissed off before you even start to get them into it. 

I also bought her favourite squeaking egg balls for her Santa Stonking.  Yes Stonking.. When I was a kid we wore stockings in winter.  They were brown as I remember but what I can't remember is how we kept those suckers up.  Probably jar rings or something like that.  My mom always laughed at me because I could not say came out stonking. So when I got Penny 11 years ago I have put up her stonking every Christmas ...and called it just that...stonking.  She knows exactly what I mean when I say it and glances over to her stonking beside the fireplace hooked up to the stair case going downstairs. 

When I got home from shopping she was crazy...she could smell I was at the pet I opened up the bag with the doggie coat in it, but before that I hid the egg balls...because they make her go nutz. 

I put the coat on her.  It has a lot of Velcro tabs...etc.  and finally we were done and I noticed that this coat was made for a dog about a foot longer than her...even with her tail extended.  Penny is very laid back and I can do almost anything to her except cut her nails ( growling there).. so I just tucked that back stuff up.  It was a little bulky ... I agree.... but after all this tucking and fucking around............ she could not walk. None of her legs worked.  She did manage to get to the patio door and out on the deck....and it then was over. 

She sat on the step...and gave me the "big eyes."  "Mom help me feet's they can't move not ever..ever...and I got a big freaking pile of crap on my back.  She would not move.  I think the Velcro made a few squeaks when she tried and then she just gave it up.  It was so pathetic.  So I took it off of her.  And she ran down the stairs like the devil was chasing her.  Free at last!

So, that's 50 bucks I can spent on myself this Christmas... I don't think it will buy me the I Pad was drooling over at Future Shop.  I swear I was fooling around with it for half an hour.  And then they called security.  How did that get in my purse? 

I have a 25 dollar gift certificate for Future shop.....that would pay the taxes...let's see if Gord buys that. 

Balonie is scheming .....


Brenda said...

Oh yes, I would love an I Pad too but I don't see one in my future,,at least not this year. I bet Penny would love a new furry collar better than a sweater. :-)

Dawn said...

I was just at the pet store last night and almost bought Pedro a coat/sweater, but I didn't. Got him treats for Christmas. I don't know if I could pay the sales tax for the iPad this year ! LOL Just kidding. I would love to get one, maybe next year. I have my iphone and love it !

Poolie said...

Guess she told you!

Grandma K said...

Simone won't wear a coat - thank God for the warmth here. But with her scraggly coat I think it would be better!! She got the new doggie bed for the den she has been hinting for for about six months though!

Katie May (or may not) said...

I saw a photo of a small dog "ski-doo suit" and think that might be perfect for my little Ducky Doodle, who has to go out in the 20-below to do his business. Now, just to figure out where to find one of those things when you live out in the boonies.

They look so cute on dogs, just like when you first take your babies out of sleepers and dress them in little shirts and pants.

Sally said...

LOL! Well, I'm sure she will love what's in her stonking. :)

Donna said...

Scheme Girl!! You deserve one! Loving mine...
I Love it in here too! Looks Wonderfully Christmasy!
Poor Miss Penny!Hahaaa