Thursday, January 20, 2011

All is well.. they should have called it not bullshit accounting.

Thanks for the advise...but I finally found a program that suits my needs.  No bells, no whistles, just enter in your sales and your expenses.  You can categorize them and it pulls out the taxes with having to enter them.  All you have to do is tell it which one you need. Some of our taxes apply to somethings and not to others... Perfect.  I can pull it all up and see where I am at anytime.  Great Profit and Loss statements...etc.  Absolutely great for a home type business. 

I am so glad I have finally had time to find what I need.  Normally at this time of the year I would be pulling out my hair (while working full time) trying to catch up in a year's worth of bookwork.  This will be very help full.  I will try to do it on a monthly basis now that I am retired. Let's hear a OH YEAH... but I will try, because it is so easy and interesting.  Did I tell you how much I hate Quicken?  (not Quick Books) I just know that it is too sophisticated for out little business .  I call our business little but this has been our bread winner all our lives. 

Update:  Yesterday Gord was putting caulking around our bathtub.  I knew it wasn't going to come to a good conclusion...and it.did.not.  It looks like a guy was playing with silly putty.  I told him 100 times to only smooth it out "one way"....he insisted on going back and forth on it with his finger until it almost dried up. Then when that didn't look good he put more caulking on it.  I suggested using water to smooth it out...he tried but by that time it was too late....we have a large mound of silicone on our tub. You could could use it as a waterslide. WTF.  So when he got home tonight and saw his handy work he suggested that I might need to fix it ...(because I'm so smart) smirk on his face ...ummm well I was smart yesterday buster...and you are stupid might want to go for a time out. The couch is only 10 feet away.

Balonie....don't be fucking around with me.


Katie May (or may not) said...


Donna said...

Hahahaa....Glad you didn't "split hairs" with Gord on that job!!
And glad the program is a good one!

judemiller1 said...

Dig that dang caulk out and do it yourself--it will be perfect. Then don't say a word to Gord--he will just have to look at it everytime he is in there--HAH!! MEN!!!

Bluebird49 said...

Oh my gosh--your husband is m husband! How do we have them both at the same time? Does yours come this way for awhile and then leave, or what?

I knew what ou knew--but you can't tell them anything. And it's gonna stay the way he did it, too.