Monday, January 31, 2011

Friday's dump

The plows came in on Saturday and piled it all on the sides of the street.  Some of the piles are at least 10 feet high. 

Needless to say me and my brown hair (or is it my brown hair and I) have been staying close to home.  I haven't done anything constructive with my time.  My desk is piled high with paperwork, wool, candies, candles, pens, markers, rulers, and post it notes sitting here waiting for me to take some action. 

I have become so easily distracted.  I have a least 5 different web pages minimized, plus face book, blogger and twitter at one given moment.  I bet I have asked google at least 100 inane questions in one day.  "How do I"... do this or that.   Someone take pity on me before I get another bright idea that ends up in the toilet.

However, I did bake a banana loaf.  This time I did not forget the oil.  The last one I baked would have not even been worthy of a homeless shelter.  Instead of eating it they would have stuffed in their jackets and tried to keep warm with it. Tsk ... what a loser I have become.

I'm starting to twitch and my minimized pages are calling me .... balonieeeeeee come waste some of your time with us.

I am going to the store today so perhaps I will have some amazing adventures to tell you about when I get back.  I hope I don't see that guy who hogs the roadway in front of the store again ... because I have the "snow blade" on the truck this time.  If he is there I will spank him hard!


Sally said...

Whoa, you be careful out there, girl. Hunter & I made a banana loaf today also. :)

judemiller1 said...

We are getting dumped on tomorrow and Wednesday. Oh Spring--please come.