Monday, January 24, 2011

I have been screwing around with my template again

I can't leave well enough alone.

I have to get out of the house and do something constructive.  I'm letting the weather get me down.  I need to kick it's ass.  Shovelling snow is not an option. 

Actually I have been doing a lot of catch up work with our business and the bookwork that I never had time to do before.  I have everything organized.  Once I get caught up from last year ... this year should be a cake walk.  It feels good to know where everything is and I can put my finger on anything that is needed.  Before I knew where everything was "sort of" .... after coming home from work, making supper then trying to sort out paper work, writing cheques, making bank deposits,  taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn and trying to annoy my neighbours was time consuming. So this is a bonus.  Now I can do all the above at my convenience and much faster than I did it before.

THE DOG is giving me the puppy eyes.  Time to go to bed.  Well she isn't the boss of me so I will go to bed when I damn well want to.

She did it again...okay I guess she is. 

Let's get together again when I don't have my boss looking over my shoulder...or my feet in her case. 

Balonie .... my fate has been decided.


Sally said...

Now, I was just getting ready to say "yes, penney is the boss of you" when you did. lol

Lena . . . said...

I've got a kitty named Lucy that runs this household. She demands a nap every afternoon and pesters me until I imbibe with her.

Donna said...

Feels GOOD to be organised...'sigh......Lolol
I'm envious....
Hope you went to bed when Penny told you to!!

Donna said...

PS- And I'm Always changing my template! I think that means we like adventure...;o)

Brenda said...

Changing templates is fun.

Penney knows what's best,,,maybe.