Monday, January 03, 2011

My family dinner

We had huge Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, mushroom meatballs, creamed corn, mixed veggies, lots of gravy, flaky butter rolls mit lots of butta and cheese cake for dessert.  I know it doesn't sound like a lot for a big family dinner, but I need to keep it simple or I implode when there is too many dishes going on.  Lots of meat, carbs, and veggies....and it's all good.  We all decided that Jello should be added to next years menu.  I miss Jello.  Actually I hear Jello is making a come back..  Not only in Jello shots, but the way we had it in the olden days...with a can of fruit cocktail in it.  Top it off with some whipping cream...and Bob's yer uncle. Jello is now the new cheesecake. Sometimes my mom used to put bananas in it ALONG with the fruit cocktail for special occasions. We were always amazed to see canned fruit suspended in a flavoured coloured gelatin. It was magic. I loved touching it.  Simpler times..sigh.

My niece Lisa got engaged over the Christmas holidays....and everyone was so happy for her.  She is your typical bride to be.  She has been a bridesmaid for two of her friends and she knows the drill.  Now it's all about photographers...invitations.... bridesmaids (5) so far ..cough.. churches, caterers.. Here in Winnipeg the popular thing to do is have a social before your wedding.  Tickets are sold for a huge party for the bride and groom... and then there is merriment and dancing. A very loud band, cash bar and each table is filled with Kobasha (garlic sausage)  rye bread, chips,  pickles and cheese. The couple then gets to keep the proceeds from the social to help them in there new life together.  It's a tradition in our culture.  Then you go home a puke it all up.

 I can't tell you how many times in my younger years that I thought that was fun.  The band is sooooo loud you have to yell to get heard  at your table....and by the time you get home your voice is gone.  And if you are a as mouthy as I won't talk for a week.  I have not gone to one of these for years and years.  Now I will have to.  I will also have the behave.  After all I am her Auntie Joannie Balonie...I'm the adult here. Let's see how that goes.

When the kids were here at Christmas I showed them our wedding pictures I had scanned a few years ago.  Everyone had a really good laugh at our expense. Fashion was different in 1972 you morons.....What is wrong with a man in a burgandy velvet suit.?  Let's not talk about the bow tie.  Today....he would have been considered  gay ....Then...not so much ...just a guy who likes velvet I think.  I can't believe I agreed to that.  I think Elvis had something to do with it.

So, I have a lot to teach that little grasshopper.....because she is thinking about doing purple for her bridesmaid dresses and the guys will have purple accents in there tuxedos.  Nothing good can come of that. So....what comes around goes around .... in 40 years she and her husband will look like jerks just like we did then. 

I like that.



Brenda said...

The best of luck to your niece and her husband to be! You and Gord are still a lovely couple!

Dawn said...

I like the idea of the party before for the couples. What a great way to start a life with money. Sounds like fun. I think her colors of the wedding sound pretty. I don't know what you and Gord were thinking when you got married !! haha

Poolie said...

So cute! Oh. My. Gosh!

Sally said...

That's a great wedding photo, Joan. I wish your niece all the best!! :)

Donna said...

For dessert last night, we had jello with fruit cocktail in it! YUM! Cherry jello is the best, we think.

Golly, I don't know what the young crowd wants to spend a fortune for a wedding. Is it really worth 10 to 20 thousand dollars?! Sorry, the spendthrift in me just can't understand the insanity of it all. Our wedding cost $150, which included the tip to the public official who did the ceremony. And we spend our hard-earned money on the "living" part that comes after the ceremony.

LOL, the velvet suit did give me a chuckle!

judemiller1 said...

Aren't you cute--we all were on our wedding day--so young. Cherry jello with bananas is my fav--I hate bananas, but in jello they are great.

Katie May (or may not) said...

Love the wedding photo! LOL. Sweet.

Joan said...

I totally agree Donna..why would you want to spend all that money just get hitched. Our wedding was inexpensive and Gord's parents and my parents split the bill. I bet it wasn't more than 2,000.00 dollars and that included everything. My wedding dress was 45.00 dollars HA...and I borrowed the veil. I can't remember how much Gord's ugly suit cost...but it was too much LOL.