Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dine in tonight

I bought a frozen soup mix today at Super Store.  After I got it home it seemed it was a little short of all the hearty veggies they promised.  Carrots, beans, spinach, corn and pototoes. They were little tiny pieces of vegetables suitable for an infant.  On the right you will see the huge frozen soup mix that was to be added mostly for weight.

Look at the tiny pieces of carrot that was in there.  Not even a bunny wabbit would nibble on that.

Now the beans ... seriously you call these beans?  There was 24 of them in the package ... 12 for each of us. 

Spinach...yum... I counted about 8 frozen pieces  ... 4 for each of us.

Cubed potatoes and corn.  Have you ever seen such a small cube of potatoe? I didn't count them but I think they threw in a few extra.

I made the soup and didn't use all the those cubes of whateverthehelltheywere... but I added all the stuff I think soup needs...some farmer sausage...onion...left over spanish rice, real carrots and somemore veggies that aren't microscopic.  Now we will have something to chew on.  Damit. Plus we have chewy hard rolls to got with it....

Then I made a banana loaf.  With walnuts.'s been a fun day.

PS..we just ate's tastes like ass............just so you was horrible.  Not the banana loaf... the poop soup.
Just a reminder to myself.....don't buy shit. 


Brenda said...

I love that you counted the ingredients. :-)

Donna said...

Don't 'cha just Hate it when that happens? Nothing taste better than, "from scratch"....
That bread looks Wonderful though!

Sally said...


Love banana nut bread, YUM!!

Nicole said...

Banana Nut Bread! Yummy! Can I have your recipe?

Donna said...

Lesson learned! Make your own soup! Those pieces were teeny tiny, LOL.

Joan said...

It was so gross. Even though I tried to save it. We don't go out for dinner too much and was hungry for something that wasn't my home cooking.