Friday, March 04, 2011

For some reason

I am only getting one post at a time show up...and then older posts shows up to click on....

I don't like that.  I went into settings to change it but can't find the trick ... it must be this newer template that screwed it up. 

It's Friday night...just waiting for the other half of my life to appear.  He should be here soon .. after all it's Pizza Night and he wouldn't miss that for the world. 

I'm going to order the IPad tomorrow!!!!!!!!    I just peed a little bit in my granny pants.  Speaking about Granny stuff...I bought a grocery cart thing a ma doo today. Something which I should have done years ago to haul groceries up the outside steps plus the inside steps to the kitchen.  It doesn't look like an old lady shopping cart.  It looks like a back pack for the elderly..haaaaaa except it has wheels on it and you don't have to wear it.  I put two 12 packs of cola and groceries in it today and brought it up my outside steps and into the foyer...and then drove it up the next 6 stairs to the kitchen.  Easy peesie.  Now... I think of this shit.  In our  new house we will still have to take groceries in from the garage, but it will be like two steps...but still this little baby will be mine forever. 

This is a bad picture it looks like a penguin.   But the top part flips over and there is a huge amount of space to put the stuff.

this is it's lots of zippered pockets to put your drugs in while you shop.  I especially love the big honking wheels.  I might even put my laundry in it to take downstairs.  Who knew somebody in ...according to the tag designed it in Germany and had it made in China???

I don't normally name stuff I own ... but I am thinking something skunky.  Let's call he/she Flower.


Donna said...

I think I'm staying with the old Blogger...Everyone seems to be having hell with the new one!
Thanks for reminding me about MY little stroller thingy that's hidden under the bed in our 5th Wheel trailer! I'm going to go get it! That would be Great for bringing in groceries!
Happy weekend Miz Joan!!

Donna said...

I'm like Donna in Texas. I am not going to kick the old blogger out with the trash. It works fine for me, so I'm not going to switch until they make me, hahaha!!!!! And even then, I might bolt to wordpress if they get ugly with me!

You'll love that ipad! We're still debating on what to get. I want to see the ipad 2 first and make sure that it is much lighter than the first one. The tablet prices are just too stinking high. Yeah, yeah, I'm a tightwad!

Love the cart. Too "stinking" cute!

Sally said...

I can't remember about old blogger, but with the new, if you're still logged in to blogger it will only show one post; if you log out it will show all of the posts. I like it.

Love the Flower - hey, you know I name everything; my car, the lawnmower, etc. heh

Joan said...

Thanks Sally ... yes that works.

I named him Flower after the skunk in the movie Bambi. He was black and white.