Monday, March 21, 2011

Little bro is still in the hospital

He was supposed to come home two days after the stint or is a stent?  was put in but he now has contracted a mystery infection in the hospital.  The suspect is the catheter.  He has fluid around his lungs and it makes it very hard for him to breath. He also is very confused.  I was up to see him again today and he could not stay awake long enough to talk to me.  They had given him large doses of antibiotics and stuff to drain the liquid from his lungs.  His breathing was very labored. 

He knew me and greeted me as I came in but in an instant he closed his eyes and fell to sleep.  I stayed while the nurses did all the stuff nurses do....he had just had lunch (which he didn't eat) and they cleaned him up.  He has to wear a diaper because they need to know if he is peeing.  He has heart problems along with type 2 diabetes so kidney function is a worry.  It was kind of funny because when I came in and tapped him on the shoulder he woke up and said HI!  We talked for a  bit ...but he was mostly repeating what I had already said to him. Then he snoozed....I sat for awhile and then I went  to the nurses station and had a talk with the head nurse and his doctor about what condition his condition was in. When I got back....  I woke him up again ...yes I pinched his cheek... heh... He had no idea I had been there before and said HI!  and we did a little small talk.  ... and he fell asleep.  Finally I saw no point in staying there so I pinched his cheek one last time and said I'm going home.... and he said HI. I told him I would see him tomorrow and he was very alert and thanked me for that's all I got.

Then I got lost going home.  The Health Science Centre where is being housed is far away from where I live.  It's downtown where I never would normally drive. Sure ... years ago I used to work in that neighbourhood but everything has changed so much I don't have a clue anymore.  I have been up to visit him twice and always turned where I supposed to turn.  Today I guess my mind was elsewhere and I missed the turn.  Be damned it I could get back on track.  I drove through the most seediest parts of town trying to get back home.  On the horizon I could see the sky scrapers down town where I should have been, but be damned it I could head back to it.  Winnipeg has a river running through it.  When you end up on the wrong side of the river it's a bitch trying to find your way back to the other side.  Fudge....People ... it took me 20 minutes to get to the hospital and 1 1/2 hrs. to get home.  I  saw a lot of stuff on the other side of the river.  In fact I crossed the same bridge twice and two over passes. And the downtown sky line only kept on getting dimmer.  Finally I came to a place I remembered being before.....and within 20 minutes I was at home.  

I have a portable GPS system which was NOT connected because I think I know everything.  I could have pulled off and connected it or called Gord for directions....but I was a little embarrassed that I could not find my way back home in my own city. 

I guess I have my own comfort zone in the South part of the city and don't like to drive downtown.  I now know where I made the mistake and that will never happen again.  ..if it does I'm pretty sure I will drive around like an assehole and do it all over again.  It was like a mini vacation.  See the seedy side of town...and lock yer doors.


Sally said...

Oh goodness, Joan, I hope they can clear up your brother's infection! We hear so much about infection and hospitals. Hopefully, when you go and see him today he'll be all better.

Hey, I've lived here almost all my life, and I can't even find my way to get downtown anymore. If there's a "back way" to anywhere, I take that! So I know of which you speak. :)

Donna said...

I'm with Sally! Make them keep an eye on that infection! Geez!!! You're right, he should have already been home by now...
Be careful driving by yourself girl! Turn ON that GPS!
Sending prayer!!!

Donna said...

PS- Take Your IPAD! It has a built in MAPS! Open it and let it use your location, Then just open it next time you don't recognise where you are...I used mine on the way to Connecticut last October...Cool tool...

judemiller1 said...

Your brother sounds like my Fred, Diabetes, heart problems and now lung problems. I hate hospitals--they are the germiest places in this world--I am always washing my hands while I am there and then when I get into my car I used hand sanitizer and then when I get home, I wash up again. I got lost one time coming home also--thought I was taking a short cut which lasted me an hour--usually only takes 25 minutes on the highway, but I wanted a nice leisurely ride home---and I got it, HAH. Hope your bro continues to get better. (I think it is called a stent.)