Monday, March 07, 2011


I ordered an IPad on Friday.  I hope she will get along with my ancient Dell desktop and my refurbished Toshiba laptop.  I have rammed all of them up, so they still have a life.

I hope I don't have computer fighting going on after I go to bed.  My Dell is a big ole mother F*ker and has a lot of miles on her.  She has recorded all my emails, blogs and face book for many years. She struggled in the years when I was just learning to do Digital Scrapbooking with various software.  It took out every ounce of her ram to do that....and finally when I saw she was suffering I brought her into the shop and gave her some more ram.  Ever since then she is like an old dog on meds.  Very grateful and wagging her hard drive.

She wasn't too impressed when I linked in the Laptop, but hey...more nap time for her.  Now with the IPad... I don't know how she will react.  Another new kid on the block.  Personally I think she will be like the mom and kick their asses when they try to mess with me. 

Hey it's always a crap shoot when you introduce your computers to each other. 

I'm so glad I have lived to see this day.

Balonie....tucking them to bed.


Grandma K said...

Those old Dells will cough and sputter, but probably just blend in.

However - I am jealous - along with being happy for you and looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

Brenda said...

I want an IPad so bad, but not sure what I'd do with one. :-)