Saturday, March 19, 2011

I apologize

I signed up for the photo challenge this time around but forgot about it as my brother was hospitalized on Wednesday with heart problems and it slipped my mind.  I put something together earlier in the week but I haven't finished it yet.  I will work on it this afternoon and try to get it in.



Donna said...

You DO NOT WORRY about doing the Challenge!!!
YOU just take care of Brother!!
That's an Order Girlfriend!!

judemiller1 said...

I hope Brother is doing better. These heart problems can be scary.

Brenda said...

How is your brother this evening? I hope he's having a pain free eve and is feeling better. We'll be patient.

Ann said...

So to hear about your brother. I'll send a few good thoughts and prayers his way for a speedy recovery

Sally said...

I was so glad to read on FB that he's doing better! :)

Joan said...

Thanks for all your thoughts...but he still is in the hospital.....had a good fever going this morning so there we go.