Sunday, March 13, 2011

Disjointed thoughts.

I lost track of time.  The clocks Sprung up today!!  Gord and I had just finished lunch ...ummm apparently at 11:00 AM when I went to do a little blog trolling and found out on Donna's (Texas) site the time change had occurred.  Duh.  Man... the day went fast after that.  Dog still hasn't figured it out yet, she didn't ask for her supper until an hour later.

Wow, this will be the first time I won't have to drag my pathetic ass to work on Monday after THE CHANGE.  I feel a polka coming on I'm that happy.  Or I might just do some Old Time Rock and Roll.  I have lived through both generations and part of the third. 

I'm making a Pork Loin Roast.  Smashed taters and corn.  How original?  Yeah I'm not even hungry yet.

Tomorrow we are expecting better weather after the mini blizzard this weekend.  I am looking forward to the floods.. seriously ... it means this crap is melting. 

Penny did a poop in the snow today in the figure 8.  She is so smart. Tomorrow I going to tell her to do a number 3.  That's a hard one to do..  I wish I had my video camera running. .She twisted and turned so many times and there it was ... like magic.  A perfect 8.  I could have put that on UTube and it would have gone viral.  THEN Dave Letterman would have called me and asked Penny and me to come on his show. Where Penny would have been asked to do a number 8...and she probably would have done a normal #2.  She is really good at #1's so I can't boast about that.

My friend Kat who left this planet last summer always loved a show called "The Trailer Park Boys."  Now that I have NetFlix I watched it most of the afternoon. My sense of humour is pretty warped...but hers was even more while I watching all the TV shows from series 3 ... I laughed and it almost felt like I was laughing with her because she loved that show so much.  I knew what line in the shows would have made her piss her pants.  Sometimes she would phone me out of breath laughing just waiting to tell me the antics of her Trailer Park Guys.  I never really got it, because we couldn't pick up that show on our TV. But now I know.

I wish we could have shared that....because I really really miss her.  We met  each other on blogger about 5-6 years ago.  She was tough, a little rough around the edges and had many stories to tell.  She was an excellent writer.  I still try to edit everything I write because she would catch my mistakes in a heart beat.  She made me a better writer because at that time I poured it out without really spell checking anything. Grammar....nope she could never tame me...I write like I think. I drove her crazy...but for all my flaws she took me into her nest of bloggers.  We were brought up in the same that was a connection.  Plus we liked to laugh.  Really hard.

I was thinking about old blogger friends tonight.  I decided I was lethal.  I have met up with 4 blogger friends and three have died.  So, if you want to keep on living...don't meet up with me.  I think the first one is still alive but she has moved on and we don't communicate anymore..that shit happens.  The second was Ellen who I met via friends of friends and found she lived in the same city I did.  She had just recently married her husband Curtis after that she found out she had Kidney cancer.  We became very good friends, but never met until she was terminally ill and almost unable to communicate.  Before she got ill her husband Curtis started his own blog and we became good friends.  After Ellen died Curtis almost stopped blogging because he was devastated.  Slowly but surly as time when by he started up again.  Just as he was getting back on his feet he developed a terrible blood disorder that took his life last summer.  Also this summer my dear friend Kat died of cancer. Over a year and a half of pain and misery....she rallied and rallied. I will never forget a Facebook message she put up...she said.....I now have Stage 4 cancer  ... I was always an over achiever. 

I guess I didn't really kill them...they were all from Canada and Winnipeg was there home one time or the other.  That is what brought us all together.  The first blogger I met up with was from the apparently I don't kill Americans.  Just my own people. Opp's I am wrong Curtis was an American who married a Canadian. He was a war vet from West Virginia and he met Ellen on the Internet and they both fell absolutely madly in love.  It was real love.  Two people later in there lives found love after bad experiences in their lives.  And within 5-6 years of a wonderful marriage it all fell apart. They loved each other  so much.

So, I guess what brought this on today is watching Trailer Park Boys....for the first time and trying to figure out why she liked that show so much. It's a really off beat show and it does make me laugh.  I have four more seasons of it to watch and I will try to figure it out what about it made her laugh until she peed her she called them.

She would yell a me if she saw this post..  so shut up...Kat ..she is still trying to boss me around.

Kat, Ellen, Curtis  .. I miss you guys every day when I crank up the computer.  While I am sad that you died I am forever grateful to have met you.



Poolie said...

I just adore you, Miss Balonie. I would be honored to meet you someday.

Sally said...

I miss them also, Joan. I've known two other couples in my lifetime who met in later years, married and a few years later passed away one after the other. But, I've always been thankful they had that time together like Ellen and Curtis.

Donna said...

Well, I'm American so I'm not worried...and I know how to make the sign of the cross, if need be...I'm a professional!
So sorry about your saddness sweetheart...but I think Kat was so strongly on your mind because she was sitting there watching those shows With you! Even if you're in still have your sense of humor.
You just watch that flooding when it begins!!!
Be safe!

judemiller1 said...

Fred and I met late in life and have been together 6 years. So far we are still on the top side of the grass, but you never know. I do not fear you, Ms. Balonie! LOL

Donna said...

Oh my gosh - time change, dog poop, trailer park show, and dying - all this in one post. What DID you have on your Wheaties this morning??? I didn't realize you were from Winnipeg when we were up there for our polar bear trip last year. Maybe that's a good thing, seeing how I like living a lot, LOL!

Katie May (or may not) said...

My mom loved Coronation Street and, until the last months of her life, watched it faithfully. Woe to anyone who spoke to her while it was on! Eventually she turned me onto it too, and now when I watch it and laugh out loud, I like to imagine she's with me and enjoying it as she always did.

Brenda said...

I miss Kat too and not a day goes by that I don't think of her. She mailed me a dvd of the Trailer Park boys and I watch it often. I love Bubbles!