Friday, October 26, 2007

Hello Friday

I greet you with all my heart and soul. I just put in a CD with all the waves and shit washing up on the beach to sooth my sorry soul and then it screwed up. I heard one bird chirping...a little too loud, ..and then they went away...

Okay, I got them back, now the birds are really annoying me...make them stop. Ohhh, now we have waves, I like them...and a little thunder and rain.

Hello, what time is it? I think I just dozed off.

It's raining a little harder than I anticipated in my CD world. I'm not liking the thunder, but I'm used to that shit. Fuck, now I have to pee...all that frickin rain...... to late. I just pissed my pants. The rain is letting up right now....just a drizzle....what's next?

Frickin Frogs.... now the frogs are mating, and it's making me nauseous. Two green things sitting on top of each other slimming themselves into reproduction.

Hey, here comes the water part again, this time I really have to GO.....BRB.

I think it's a flood! Get out the Ark!

..I have to wait a moment before I really get what is coming next.

I think it is God calling the animals into the Ark, but I can't be sure. He sound like Johnny Carson....with a birdie voice.

Yes, the storm is about to start, ohhh my it's getting loud. My bladder is empty, so if the CD tries to put anymore water tracks on it....I win... it's all in my pants already. A word to the wise, if you have to pee when you hear water running...don't listen to CD's like this.

Okay, another bird. Two more chirps...and I'm gonna get out my sling shot.

That is what a bad week does to ya....nature starts to piss you off.

Hold on...I'm just hearing the geese overhead ..... good thing it's on a CD or I would have goose shit on my deck.
I'm starting to get more cheerful.

I am such a bitch...heh


Special K said...

When I was a full-time massage therapist, I got to listen to the waterfall/rainstorm/ocean waves kind of effing music all the time, and always felt like I had to pee, even when I didn't have to pee.

I hate wasting a trip to the bathroom.

Brenda said...

What's this water/wave/thunder/rain/birds/frogs cd supposed to do for you?

I feel peeneedful after just reading about it.


Joan said...

That cd was a waste of time, just like the blog entry.

Dorie said...

Once I bought one of the subliminal msg. tapes- Weight Loss-one side was nothing but waves and plunky synthesizer harps, with the subliminal msg whispering in the waves. The other side you could hear the "affiming" message turned up louder. "I will drink my water.I will eat my broccoli," etc" Didn't work, still don't like broccoli!

Curtis said...

You need to start listening to New Age music instead of this thunder and lighting, birds chirping, and frogs breeding stuff. Whoever heard of birds chirping during a thunderstorm and if you heard them above the waves then they must have been some big birds!!!! Frogs don't do it in the rain cause they get all wet and slippery and fall off each other. What kinda CD was that anyway....Dollarama?

Susan said...

The full moon is starting to wane now. At least I think it is, too much cloud here to see for myself. Maybe with the fading moon your grumpy mood will also fade away!
As for that CD, I only need to open my window for the sound of torential downpour!