Monday, October 29, 2007

Just getting ready for NABLOPOMO

I'm saving all my words of wisdom. I don't want to waste them on my free time.

Thirty days of barking me head off...will certainly put you to sleep. God, someone send me a meme!!! Halp. I need some material. I don't want Youtube you to death either, because that gets a little annoying.

I will have dredge up my past.........ohhhhhnoooo....with pic's.......ohhhhhhnooo.....nobody should know what a douche I was. But oh well, who gives a shit I'm just another blogger in the whole scheme of things. Think of me as nobody you ever read. Good. Then. I will carry on as if you never heard of me and we can start our relationships over...and I can copy all my old blogs in November........nahhhhh I'm not the desperate....I will just make shit up. Like I always do.

Speaking of meatloaf, we had a really good supper tonight. I made a good beef gravy with mushrooms and onions...yummers ... but I didn't have any potatoes in the pantry, so I made "Hot Meatloaf Sandwiches" and smoothered them in gravy along with a shit pile of veggies. it was really good...and low fat mind you. Alway that. It's hard sometimes, but I find a way. I have had just about "Chickened out" these last few weeks...I'm so tired of chicken I could just about kick a chicken in the ass if I saw one, which is unlikely in the city. But, if I did see one, I would kick him/her. Little peckers! I need me some ribs!!! Baby back ribs! NOW. And bacon and eggs......lordy what I'd give for a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs with hash browns...and tomato slices...I'm drooling on my keyboard. The day will come again. Waiting is the worst part. I miss my Salisbury House hamburgers too.......ohhhhh will it never end.

We are still losing weight...I'm 135 now, so I could possibly incorporate some of the old stuff, but Gord is a standstill, so I'm waiting for him. It's always so hard to loose those last 20 pounds, but it will come. I'm a person who looses her appetite at the first sign of stress, and Gord eats more if he is never the twain shall meet. >...time to get rid of the stress.

So...send me memes..... Q&A....anything that will get me through the month of November without me embarrassing myself with pictures of the time I fell off the boat without my bathing suit. Deal?


Brenda said...

But I want to see the "fell of the boat" pictures.

Dorie said...

If I run out of real content in November, my blog may turn into the "What's Cooking for Dinner" blog!