Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I am back at my work station

The mailman "trembled" when he saw me at my desk this morning. He cupped his hands around my jowls, stared into my vacant eyes and lamented on how much he had missed me. I missed him too. We are soul Canada Post sisters and brothers. There is nothing better than mail....REAL mail. In summer he wears shorts (Canada Post approved). They are not that becoming, because it's apparent to me he either had Rickets as a child or rode a lot of horses. But, such as it is, he feels comfortable wearing them. Most days, when I get into the office, I forget to unlock the front door...and when the Postman comes saddling up the walk, I can't there fast enough to unlock the door. But some days, I not at my work station, I am in the "can" reading a DELL flyer. My other work totally unaware of what happens 10 feet away from him in another room ..because he is in a internet stupor..............

Then Postie does the old ...grab the door trick .. when he thinks it is open .. and damn near falls over backwards on his ample arse when it doesn't open, because Canada Post tells all their drivers to get in...and get So...I run like hell............. my ass is on fire when I hear he is trying to open the door, because...we got a mail thang going on. I always apologize for the rudeness of my company and myself, for dislocating all the joints in his left arm. And I didn't even get to the end of the DELL flyer...but that will be for another exciting day in the "can."

I found a shit pile of work to do today on my desk. Doesn't anyone know how to do anything while you are away? My boss was almost dripping with glee...with the amount of it. Bastards!

Ya...I loves them all alot..and was happy to be back in the clan. 4 days at home feeling crappy, was moreandenoughforme.

Some good news, Gord finally bought a new van. If all goes well, I can stop driving the Stinkin Lincoln before the snow flies. I will miss being propositioned at red senior citizens.

Speaking of which....ya know how I hates to be asked if I am a senior citizen at Safeway on Seniors Wednesday 10 PERCENT OFF...AND I AM NOT...Our Safeway just got a new facelift these last few weeks, and we have all new shit in there. It's really cool..Starbucks and everything..yeah like I ever had one....anyway....I had all my groceries lined up...and I was waiting for the the question by this 18 year old boy at the till.

I had my guns in my holster...waiting to shoot that son of a bitch.

He put through my order, while I was watching the screen, and then I caught him taking "just a glance" at me..... I felt it.....and he punched in the 10 percent seniors discount without asking me a question. He was about 18 and everyone looks like they are 65 to him....heh..I fooled him. I very much appreciated him not go out feeling a little ole but it's okay. Even tho you are.

Went in to have my eyes tested for the glasses and my optomitrist had just got a new fancy dancy machine that blows air in your eyes to see if you had problems instead of the usual crap they put in your eyes. And when he tested my eyes, he said the readings were high, and continued to punch air into them at least 10 times, to make sure. Then he told me that with this new machine he had already sent 4 people to their doctors to make sure his reading were right, two came back good..two came back with problems, and said when I came back to pick up my glasses he would do the the test again. Fuck that. I made an appointment with my own doctor, because I don't trust him. If I got it, I want to be there with a doctor, not a Optometrist.

Does Blogger offer braille blogging... scares me. Hey.. life after 60 ain't no cake walk.

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Brenda said...

I'm glad your chair wasn't empty today and I bet your boss was too. I stopped in this morning but I had a Jilly Beans in my lap and I couldn't comment one-handed.

I hope the Eye doc's machine was wrong, maybe he hasn't learned how to use his new toy yet?

Glad you're feeling better!