Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How cool were the 60's

This is a pic I have posted before of Gord (the little one) and his bro in about 1959 or there about. Gord's the one on bike on the other one. They were very cool in the leather, and the Black and White jackets, along with their fancy boots, plus a motorcycle...HEY..And we say our kids are spoiled these days with all the trends...oy... They look like they just walked out of a old Marlon Brando or James Dean movie set....this was 1959...the boomer kids "were starting to be seen .. and heard." My grandpa always said..kids should be seen...but not heard...he always gave me a nickel to disappear. I always talked long enough to get the nickel. heh

I might just make this my theme for the month of November including the 70's and 80's, someone might be interested in how we (the baby boomer's) managed to survive the revival
in our own special way. And yes, there was some drugs, some sex and some rock and roll...but given my Mennonite background I was the world's worst hippy. I walked and talked it...but I never really embraced it. I was a wannabee. I wore flowers in my hair, tossed my bra in the air, and drenched myself in patchouli and said "fuck the system man." I had no idea what I was talking about. More about that in the coming weeks. God, I was so stupid... I laugh out loud sometime when I think back....like what the hell were you thinking?

I can't find any pictures of the time I fell (jumped) off the boat without my clothes on. But, when my friends all get together the subject always seems to come up. Doesn't anyone my age start forgetting shit?... you would think!!! But, they don't. It's okay, I got a lot of crap on them too.

So stay tuned....I think I'm on a roll.


AndiePandie said...

Those pictures are awesome! I love pictures like that, especially black and white pics. :)

Lu said...

Great pictures plus the stories are awesome!

Brenda said...

I can't wait to read your "member whens". Those are wonderful photos! How old were Gord and his brother in them?

Curtis said...

Cool or was that Faaaaaarrrrrrr Out Man.

Joan said...

Brenda, I'm thinking Gord was about 15 and Ron was about 17.

Curtis..is was far out... heh