Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oy..dis week she has been a bitch

If I can't even post once a week, how am I going to post once a month in November? I think I have post partum postnomoreitious. Yeah, that's the ticket.

To top it all off, one of my fucking neighbours is celebrating something (he probably just got laid) I don't know, by blowing up firecrackers....much to my dog's dismay. I'll have to get her off the couch in front of the window, before she shits herself!! Lord, the minute I sit down to type a WORD...everything in the world takes precedence...everything.....

Gord....where are my shoes? ...try looking at your feet dumbo

Gord... can you get out of blogger and check our bank statement?....noooooo

Penny... I'm hungry...where are the snacks....bastard

Phone call.... You just won a trip to an undisclosed location, and we want your credit card number to confirm you actually want to go nowhere. Arseholes!

Email: A facebook invitation........gawwwd almighty... no I don't want to join your group and poke you...maybe I would if I was a male...but being female...I got nuttin to poke with ..other than my middle finger... if you get my drift.

It's garbage day...and I just brought out all the garbage to the front street, as Gord was coming up the driveway. He parked his truck and still hasn't come in, so hopefully he has parked his ass in one of those cans.. it will save me the trouble. He will be gone by morning.

It's been one of those weeks my friends, when you want to make it all go away.

Everything I have made for supper this week tasted like shit. Everything. How can you screw up nothing? Yeah...I made stuff, but it tasted like paper. I should have omitted the fibre I thought it needed to make it a healthy meal. And when you use a newspaper that uses a lot of coloured ink.... there is a surprise waiting for you in the morning.

Then there is the wine fiasco... I ran out of my homemade stuff! And had to go to the liquor store to buy the real stuff. Apparently, the "real stuff" has a little more kick to it than mine. This caught me off guard, because I put paper in my supper. heh.... who knew?

Then, I got my pay cheque today...minus two days off of work from when I was sick last week. I phoned our head office and asked who the hell is going to pay my MasterCard if you arseholes are going to keep deducting my time when I am not at work! The answer, was...tough workie, no pay...bastards!!

I'm not in a good place. Fortheloveoftakingagunandblowingmyheadoff! But, of course I am kidding, we have gun laws in Canada, and that would be against the law....and I'm all about the law.

I'm thinking about taking my aggression out to the Pumpkins.. I'm going to be kicking the shit of them. Why not. Everyone takes knives to them this time of year, why can't I kick the shit out of them? It's all about aggression isn't it. People feel the need to cut up a perfectly good piece of squash ... carve the funny faces in it....put a candle in the centre and burn it's guts out...and kick it to the curb. Nah...I couldn't kick a pumpkin...I couldn't even kick a curb. So, I have to find something I can kick, like my ass. If I position myself correctly, I could manage it. If I fail, it's off the chiropractor I go...that's they are there for. Help those, that are stupid.

Next week will be a better week. We all have the crap going on.

I'm just glad I finished one THIS WEEK!


Anonymous said...
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Special K said...

Well, it's obvious to me you're warming up to NaBloPoMo. I'm still undecided about signing up.