Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I didn't know if you screwed around with the header on your blog when you were doing a new post AND IF YOU DID NOT SAVE IT.. the new header would show up anyway. Well, fortheloveofgildaradner...I blew that ... my post looked like I just funnyfarmed myself....what you see is a picture of Gilda Radner and here I am telling you folks it's a picture of baby me giving the world the finger. Okay, for those who missed it:

Apparently this is not the one. I can't find it. I only have 10,456 pics on my hard drive.

To you, that had to experience this uncomfortable event, I want to give you a prize for the hardship this has caused you. Unlike Pioneer Woman, I don't have sponsors with the big ticket items to give you.

Please choose from the following items: Photo's available upon request.

  • A HP Office Desk Jet K60 ...with an extra ink cartridge. Might need some work.

  • A Canon JH045086 Photo copier. Works fine here, but can't guarantee it will after shipping.

  • A Canon Scanner, works just fine. I just upgraded to a new one. It is slow, so if you have a lot of time on your hands, this one is for you. It would be good for the little woman at home, who has children to raise, and has all the time in the world to scan pic's slowly while she is changing diapers, getting spit up on, sleep deprived, looking at what once was her slender belly, becoming a looming pile ugly wrinkles, ....then this is the scanner for you. It will scan your baby's pic's by the time you get the kid bathed, deshitted, depuked, and deburped and in college. It's amazing how long it will take. Seriously, this will take the stress out of your life.

Email me your address, and I will send anyone of these items to you...shipping cost are extra...especially with the photo copier, it must weigh....hmmm...1000 pounds, they don't make them like that anymore! (Paper and toner included.)

I have more stuff, but I want to save the rest for the next time I screw up. Please don't send more than one entry, because .."hey" my server!...I live in Canada and we still use tin cans with wires attached to it. You wouldn't want all your entries to take down the whole network. So, go easy peesy.

Anyone offering anything over 5.00 bucks gets a 100% discount.


Brenda said...

I'd take something off your hands but I wasn't in the least traumatized :-)
and I'd have to clean my old stuff out to find storage room.

Donna said...

LOLOL....I think the prizes are great...BUT...if you don't mind, I think I'll put my bid in for that diamond...Whoa.....Happy day Joan!!hughugs

Andie Pandie said...

*shrug* I saw the picture. It was up for a while, at least on my end.