Thursday, May 29, 2008

Picture this......

This is a blog of few words...don't start clapping yet you bastards. This is a blog of some serious picture taking I have done lately...some might call it photography, I call my talent..picture taking...with a cheap camera. None of the pictures have been that a word? It will become quite apparent. Is photoshoped with one pee or two pees.? Don't know. Piss on it.. lets get atter.

Now isn't this interesting ... my bedding plants. They still aren't in the ground because of the FROST warnings that abound. Were you expecting porn?....sorry .... I failed you again.

This is a bigger picture of the Impatiens I bought today...take a good hard look, because they will never look this good again. I think "Flower Family Services" should be called and remove them from my home. Apparently they need to be taken care of by a responsible gardener...and the soil should never dry up, so I must put watering on my list, ...the directions say...needs feeding...fertilizer every two weeks, fuck that, I can hardly find the time to make supper when I get home, and now I have to feed plants. Can't say I'm in for that.

I'm not cut out for this.

THIS, is what I like, plants that grow from year to year..perennials. This one is just starting to grow around my pond. My pond is so small it would only fit three frogs. Just the way I like it. A Ha! ...You don't want to hear my rendition of "Froggy Went a Courting"... I could tape it if anyone wants to hear it ...heh

These guys have taken a life of their own, without my help, and by the time fall came around last year, my pond was invisible. So, I chopped them off, but that didn't stop these aliens from springing up again. Penny finally had to sit on them every night to get them in check and smother them. Everyone should have a dog who has a big fat ass.

The ferns are springing up. Don't they look like "plastic?" Hey, they are real, no thanks to me. If I had anything to do with it they would be toast. Are you getting sick of this yet? will be.

Two trees in bloom, the plum tree and the chokecherry tree. Yeah like you never saw this before. I have to get something more exciting for youse guys to look at.

Let me muddle through my pic's...there has got to be something in there........stay tuned don't go away, I have to figure out how to put in on my blog hush... while I put my "thinking hat on."

I'm not keep your shorts on...I'm trying to do a video.

Gord was being a jerk, and mowing the lawn with his dad's old tractor lawn mower we are getting ready to sell. And he spent most of the time going backwards...oy Turn on your speakers.

My own little Shriner from Joan on Vimeo.


Lost said...

Hehehe Gord looks so happy going round and round on that thing.

Quite the green thumb you have.

Brenda said...

Ha! I wish I had that tractor, ours has a big front end and I run over everydamned thing. I noticed that Gord has the same pet name as James, he gets called an Asshole a lot!

Your plants are great!

AndiePandie said...

Actually I like the ferns. :) Do they have deep roots?

Donna said...

LOL...I'm Lovin Penny and the sinking ball!!!LOL...What a little ham!! The videos are wonderful!! And so are your pictures!!! Wish you'd join the next's Keys! Nita is hosting this time!! Have a happy weekend!!hughugs

Mary Lou said...

FOr some stupid reason Blogger will not allow me to post edit bar is missing, so I cant show you the pictures of the bedding plants that I bought too and have never planted because it got cold and rainy out there. SO they too, are sitting on the table on the deck!! and the lawn mower is STILL broken and sitting in the garage and the grass is fast approaching 18 inches...AGAIN!!!

Sally said...

Great pictures - I love all your flowers and ferns too. I have some that are wild and look similar to yours.

I thought you were doing the photo challenge which was TODAY, missy!! Actually since the theme was liquid, your pond does quite nicely.

Can't watch videos because I'm poor (or cheap) on dial up!!

Have a great weekend!!

Joan said...

Sally, I think that was another Joan...not me.

Joan said...

Andie...they have deep roots...shade lovin...and once you plant them...they are yours forever, just like a valentine.

Joan said...

Brenda, I can't believe both of our husbands are named asshole. What were their momma's thinking?

canuckabilly said...

Holy Crap!!! If I were to open my garage and see all that stuff on either of my vehicles I would probably go off worse than the guy on the bicycle did. Ya know I look at the miles of sidewalks (a lot of them not even within miles of any houses) and wonder why people don't ride their bikes on them. Ain't no one else on them. SOB's shouldn't be on the roads especially since they don't mind the traffic laws. Ok I'm done with that until I see another one on the road. Nice plants. Mine are still in the garage because now that the frost is gone it wants to rain all the time. Geez