Sunday, June 01, 2008

Colour me old

Holy moly, I have been gardening since the break of dawn.... and I am tired. Okay, it wasn't the break of dawn but it was the the break of the afternoon. I think God forgot to oil my joints. I was tempted to take some of Penny's medicine to get through the afternoon.

I spread the whole flower/whatever garden with cedar mulch. Oh my! the smell is to die for. It smells like you are living in Vancouver. It was a big job and every bone in my body took part. Some, I did not know existed.

I didn't go the shower I was invited to today, even after all my agonizing about it. I just had to get this done. I hope they understand, but there is only so much I can do. I am still not finished, half my bedding plants aren't in, because ...hey... I slept in and started all this crap after lunch. I wouldn't have been able to do it all in one day anyway, it's just way to much. I got the base work done, and now I can do a little bit every evening and take my time planting the rest. This will probably be the last year in this house and I want to enjoy the view of my stuff for the last time. So, I am taking a lot of pictures, so I don't forget what I left. Bittersweet. But, I am looking forward to moving on.

The exciting part is where to place all the plants to make it look good. Penny loved the cedar mulch, it is so soft and fragrant and laid around in the garden all day. Her coat in copper coloured and sometimes you couldn't tell where she was because she blended in with the cedar mulch.

Gord actually stayed home the entire afternoon, and helped around the yard. Well his help, is a little different than my interpretation of what help is. Mind you, he power washed the bottom cement deck which really needed it. But, man......he is perfectionist...I am sure he stripped the concrete off the patio blocks. Is that possible? Remember those? Oy...the one's we almost killed ourselves with. If you don't ...we did. Then, instead of helping me cover the flower/whatever garden with cedar mulch. He decided to work on our upper deck, which has been sagging of late. When you come out of the kitchen on to the deck, there is a large gap between the house and the floor of the deck. And each year it gets larger. This year is was somewhat alarming. The dog could have fallen through it. heh. Okay, so I exaggerate. Normally we just put our deck rug over it in spring, and try to ignore it, but for some reason it has shifted considerably this winter. So....Gord had a plan. God I hate it when he has a plan.

Okay, the deck is being held up by a beam..which you can see in the centre, behind the bush and there is a tele post on the far right. Now, this is the little guy that is that is giving us all the grief. Well maybe not, this is the little guy who is keeping us from falling to the ground. As you can see we already shimmed it up with on 2x4 so our deck doesn't rock and roll when we walk on it. So, Gord was going to try to fix it today while I was flowering and cedering. What you don't see beside the tele post is a big mother tree...I mean big and it's right beside the tele post. So, Gord decided to use a small jack and a long with a piece of wood ..whatever 2x4 190x457 .. I don't know..and placing the jack on the tree truck horizontally using it as a brace along with this piece of wood to reach the bottom of the deck Are you still with me?

To keep this short, he tried this about 4589 times...he never gives up. And at one point he asked me to go up the stairs to see if it was stable. I could hear the stairs creaking and shit as he was doing this, and I was a little scared to walk up them, because when he asked the first time, the deck let loose and his 2x4 blew out of the jack and damn near put his eye out. and went down a few inches. But after that he took the sledge hammer to the centre beam and moved it up a few inches and the jack and stuff in place and then made me walk the plank again............and low and behold ... she held, and it's almost back against the the wall of the house. I guess I wouldn't have of got killed ... it's only 6 feet. I would have been well enough to get supper on the table. :)

THIS. while I am trying to put in my summer flowers. We don't work well together. Somehow, when we do, his projects overtake mine and I get sucked into his. All and all it was a great day, I loved working outside. That smell of cedar just blows me away, I have to move to the West Coast.

And you know what, forget it I have so many pictures but by the time I get blogger to do any of this shit, it's not worth the effort. For heavens sakes it 2008, lets get with the program....or am I just stupid.


Lost said...

Not old.....just experienced. lol

Your pictures look great, sounds like you are going to have a really nice garden this year.

Donna said...

Please Miz Joan, be careful! Even at 6ft, you could really be hurt if it fell! The pictures are wonderful! Love the blooms. Really pretty yard!hughugs

Brenda said...

Maybe you should start wearing a helmet and knee pads when you help Gord while he's helping you?

I can smell them flowers and cedar mulch from here.