Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pecker Paradise

It's been one very long day. It was time to get all the summer stuff in gear. I may have been a little too optimistic because yesterday I tried a number of times, between thundershowers, and made no head way. But, today it was beautiful, I got the lawn mowed...and hey you guys.... remember "Jake the Snake" the lawnmower from hell, we sold him to some unsuspecting person today, as I was mowing the lawn with his girlfriend. She didn't notice him leaving. I hope she doesn't try going after him. I locked her in the shed. He.was.evil. and you know how it goes with the ladies, they always like the dangerous ones.

I have been dilly dallying with fencing around my little garden, I put up some decorative fencing, and then I thought it looked like crap, and put up some other stuff, and then I thought that look like all looked like crapolla. Until today, when I actually followed the instructions that come with it. Hey, you have connect them all together instead of putting them in separately. Now, it really looks like a shrine. Black fencing. So, today I decided it would be a shrine, because my bird "Pecker"...yes "Pecker"... is buried along the back fence. Pecker died about 10 years ago. He was the smartest budgie in the world. I taught him to talk, sing, and just be an ass hole like me. We were a pair! I could never hold a tune when I sang, and he would copy me and sing the songs out of tune. I couldn't whistle either, and budgies love whistling. So, I started to whistle the theme song from a Bridge on the River Kwai. And little Pecker copied was sad, but so funny. I loved that little guy. Hey Brenda... you know. I bet you miss your bird too. So, today I have named my garden....Pecker Paradise. I know where he is buried in his little tupperware container behind the ferns by the fence. He used to nibble on my ears and sit on my head. Remember the 80's when we all had big perms...well Pecker would get right in my curls ... he loved it. It tickled.

I haven't finished everything yet, but I made some good headway. I got all the fencing done, I took the old wooden patio table off the deck, because it was rotten and replaced it with another one we had years ago. It looks pretty good...maybe a little dated, but I didn't want to spend a whole shit load of money if we aren't going to stay here. It's amazing the stuff you can find around the house to compliment what you are doing.

We got out our patio tables and chairs this morning. It was so dirty, normally we have it in a shed, but we had run out of space last fall. I took forever to clean it.

Later in the day I decided to make a little place Penny Loafer I can sit and look at the pond and the wild life around it. Years ago I bought some huge green lawn chairs, and Penny loved them. So, I made a little section on the lawn in front of the pond where we can sit with a little table. Picture below.

Here is a bunch of pic's....and once summer EVER really arrives it should get better.........but right now I am so tired............goodnite. Don't forget to click on the pics, it makes them look so much more uglier.

The first one's are my favs..Regier Begionas

Do you see Clive? Remember he was found on my doorstep at Christmas.


Anonymous said...

awww- it looks lovely!

Brenda said...

You've made such a pretty flower garden Miz Joan! You and Penny will really enjoy the view.

Sally said...

Your yard looks so nice; I love the little fence! Penny looks very happy. I worked in the yard all day today, now I'm weary, but I love doing it. :)

Joan said...

I wish I had a shit pile of money, and didn't have to work. I could do so much more with this. But, this is the best I can do for now. It will look better as the summer goes on...geez we had frost a few weeks ago...and for now my "make do garden" will florish.

Donna said...

Your yard looks Wonderful....and I'm sorry about Pecker....hughugs