Sunday, June 08, 2008

Good Grief

It's so good to be home. What was I thinking.
I'm addled.
If you are pissed off with my antics, please don't feel bad just take your favourite foot, and boot this blogsite goodbye. I certainly deserve it...but .. really don't...I loves youse guys.

Hi..blogger you bastard, I missed you, balonie has had a few issues, and she took them out on you. Ummm..not to say you had a few of your own. But, I took it to
another level.

As you may have noticed over the years, when I get a bean in my bonnet and when you won't do what I want you to, I'm a total bitch. ...but I was especially vulnerable these last few weeks "mit what wit the hormonolization of what is left of my reproductive system. Who knew it could get that hot in the house...but that is not really an excuse...I was just a total bitch after I spent two hours tying to get my post up I and should have just rolled with the punches, and sent it off the next day. What did I do instead? Made a big ass of is new.?

Am I still in the loop? I'm a jerk.


Brenda said...

Hang in there! It'll get better, or it'll get worse, then better, but we'll still be around as long as you want.

Mary Lou said...

I'm still hanging with Blogger...and I quit putzing with the layout. Just causes too much stress, and I dont need that right now.

Donna said...

I'm still here! Gotta get my daily(or so) fix!!lolol...sleep tight...I'm still looking for a bottle of tequila someone promised me!!LOL...night!hughugs

Bitter Betty said...

You have lost your mind, woman.

poet said...

still following you, back and forth