Friday, June 20, 2008


Now that I have renegotiated my contract with blogger, I decided to put up my favourite template of the all those millions I have tried. Now, all is well with the world. heh...I know.

My boss had a major meltdown this morning. He lost his "calender" in his desktop computer. He uploads his stuff from his Palm Pilot to it everyday. Today when he went into it, all his info was gone except for birthday notices.....every meeting and event for the next three months had gone to "boot hill." But....he wasn't worried, he still had everything on the Palm Pilot. So, he plugged it in and ...what do you think he did?......come on...guess?

If you guessed he transferred all the info from the desktop to the Palm, you would be right....he did it backwards, so now it is really gone to "boot hill." I tried everything today to retrieve it, but nothing worked. Finally I did a system restore to the day before, but nadda. Also, I found his virus protection was gone too. We had a guy from head office installing a new program in his computer yesterday, and I think something went asunder.

I just got back for our annual Golf Tournament. No, I didn't play golf, I worked in the office until 4:30 and went up to the course out of town for dinner. I don't golf, so I didn't see any point in loosing a days pay for wrapping a piece of iron around my thick skull. The dinner was good, but was very rushed because everyone wants to get in and out on a Friday night. I have been organizing this all week with boss and I was a little tired of it all already. So, when I got home, it felt good just to relax on the deck, with my Penny, my laptop and my glass of wine.

I am overlooking my flower garden right now, and finding a million things better I could do with it. I have great plans for tomorrow, and am going to build more flower beds. If it fricking kills me!! I built one, and it's so pretty, so in my mind 4678 more couldn't hurt. It's addicting. But I must start pruning, our trees have gone wild.....another task for another day. And lets not forget the lawn is starting to look like shit........ahhhhh

Time to go in, the mosquitoes are coming out. I hate to go in. I gotta get up early I have a million chores to do.

Oh... wait a minute, I have to tell you about this moth? butterfly? I found in my bathroom last night. It has a wing span of about 6 inches, it was beige with beautiful was huge. I had just stepped out after 10:00 PM for a breath of air and forgot to close the patio door...and went to the bathroom, when this thing flew in. I panicked ... I thought it was a bird, but after I shit myself (good thing I was on the toilet) I managed to clean myself off .. and got a big Tupperware container and caught it while it was sitting and nibbling on my toothpaste tube by the sink. I brought him out and he tried to scamper back in, but I was too fast for him. I have never seen anything like that before. He/she was stunning.


Donna said...

Men and computers...a no brainer the moth Was gorgeous! Wished you'd grabbed the camera...Happy planting day Miz Joan!!hughugs

Brenda said...

You didn't take a picture of him? Awwww, I bet he was a stunner for sure.

Did your boss raise hell with the dude from the head office? He didn't do a backup before installing the new program?

Don't work too hard building those flower beds.