Monday, June 09, 2008

I think this says it all. I'm a horses ass.

I will wear this badge for a month, while I sit on my naughty seat.

It's time I get busy telling you tales of "what is"...instead of dinking around with the computer, even if the "what is" is not all that inspiring or even that interesting.

So, let's start with today. It rained. Lovely rain... my back yard looks like a forest. June is always the rainy month here in Manitoba. Yesterday I put all the outdoor carpeting on the deck and started to fix it up for the up coming summer. Today when I came home from work, it looked like shit. The winds and rain, brought down all the seeds from the trees and it's u.g.l.y.

I put up a doggy fence yesterday as well, so Penny won't be able to "tear" down the back deck, down the stairs, and into the back yard and chase squirrels and rabbits at will. This is not a high fence, it's a decorative fence around the patio that will get her attention. I don't think she can jump over it. She is really smart and found the opening to the back yard, to do her business, but if she just runs down on a whim, I think it will stop her. If it doesn't, I like the look of it anyway. It's really cute. It's still raining or I would have taken a picture. It looks like black rot iron, and after I put it up around the patio it looked like a shrine or something. Or maybe a's different alright. I'm thinking of putting it around my flower garden ... which someone... who shall remain nameless damn near ripped out all my plants with HIS weed eater. I need a barrier, because a man with a gas powered weed eater.. sees no boundaries.

Monday night supper:

Pounded chicken breasts (the store did that part) ...breaded with flour, egg and cornflakes crumbs, with added garlic, Parmesan cheese, pepper, fried in a small amount of extra light olive oil. Side of wild rice, and a garden salad. Yummers..

There have been a few funnel clouds spotted on the outskirts of the city today..which have given me some concern. We never have tornadoes as a rule, but all the rules seem to be broken in the weather world these days.

Now, that was pretty boring, and I could have put it up a notch...but I'm still sitting on my naughty seat...and doing my penance. It's going to be a rough month.


Donna said...

You're Not a horses butt!!!LOL...and I can identify with the weed eater monster...I have one here too! I've tried 3 different times to get my camilia to grow...won't do it...he keeps cutting it out...Happy day to you!hughugs

Brenda said...

Hahahahaha, I like the little blue decorative things dangling from that ass, gives it just the right touch.

The man that lives here is just as dangerous with the pruners and the sprayer as with the weed eater. Hardly anything survives but, "it wasn't him."!

Lost said...

Nah everyone gets pissed at blogger occasionally - at least you kept on going and didn't quit.

Next time with your chicken breast try putting some cheese and mushrooms on the top and rolling them up and then cook them slowly in a pan with mushroom gravy. My mom used to make it for the "big people" when I was a kid but I was always stealing bites of it from someone cuz it was soo good. That's mozzerella cheese btw. getting hungry just thinking about this. lol

Joan said...

I just re-read my blog...

Wrought Iron...not rot iron is what I meant...geez. More penance to pay and I not even catholic.

I think I need a spanking...where is Angel man when I need him.

I'm going in to fix it right now.

Joan said...

I'm not even catholic...oyyyyyyyyyy