Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tying in my blog from Friday into today


I have two days off this week, Monday and Tuesday....let the angels sing! Tomorrow I'm going over to Hippychicks ranch for a visit and a belated birthday.

I have been searching for the ultimate...small gas barbeque..."grill" if you will for youse Umericans. Last week while perusing the internet, I found it. The Weber Q200. It's the cutest little thing you ever saw, plus it's got a decent grill on it. I wanted cast iron because they distribute the heat more evenly. Not those weenie silver oven racks you get with most of them. I finally found one yesterday at Rona. I went to every store in the city, and could not find it. I knew it was an American product and would probably have to order it over the internet, but didn't want the hassle of trying to return it, if I didn't like it. I am so happy. I haven't had a chance to take her out of the box today and I need an adapter to use it with a large propane tank. It's the perfect size for our deck. I can't wait to use it. As you may remember Gord screwed up our old barbie...if not don't worry it not worth repeating or linking. But fire was involved.

I think it the same one the Jetsen's must of used, to fly to all the different planets.

Did I tell you we sold Jake the Snake! Yup the snake man is out of our lives for good. That lawn mower is h.i.s.t.o.r.y. Some poor unsuspecting soul has him rattling around in his summer shed. And if the poor little guy doesn't have a summer shed, Jake will be prowling around the property all night by himself. Jake is a self propelled lawnmower, but over the years for some reason, he learned to take matters in his own hands and mow .. at will. The good thing was, when he would hit a tree he didn't have the brains to turn around, he just dug in and kept on trying. I will miss that old bastard. His tenacity was a thing to behold. Buh bye bud.

The only reason I am sitting on my deck "blogging" tonight is because the city sprayed for mosquitoes last night. It was near impossible to be out here yesterday. BUT, I didn't realize they were going to spray last night and didn't have my windows closed. At 4:00 AM I heard the trucks on our street and didn't have a chance to close my windows. I hope it doesn't kill us. Every year we have this spray or not to spray....but if the city didn't we would never be able to sit in our back yards with all the rain we have had the last week.

Monday: Taking it easy.....getting some needed rest.

It was a beautiful day..30 celcius...slept in until 10:00 AM...I let the world go away. Snored and snored. Got up, showered, had coffee, read the paper, had lunch and then got ready to visit the Hippy Chick a 102 km.'s away.

It was a good trip, I was nervous at first, because I haven't travelled by myself for a long time. I had my camera in my purse, but once I got there we were so busy catching up, and walking around all her wonderful flower gardens, which are still a work in process, but gorgeous. ButI forgot to take a picture! This should keep her busy for many a year to come.

Her veggies in her garden looked so healthy and vibrant. She has done a whole shit pile of work to her house since she retired, repainted the kitchen and and cabinets. It looks so great, and if you ever remember rounded cabinets from should see these. I'm thinking she should slow down, because she will be retired for a long time and might just run out of work. She also had a wood stove put in her living room which overlooks the kitchen ..dining room ...and it is beautiful. It pulls the whole house together. And I am in love with her dog Zowie. Who could not love a big ole girl lab. And note..she lives in the country and I did not get one mosquitoe bite.

When I got home, I started messing around making something easy and cool for supper. Then I went out on the deck only to be greeted by 1 trillion mosquitoes. The city just sprayed our area with Malathion on Thursday trying to eliminate the mosquitoe population, and perhaps the entire human population with chemicals. It was quite ironic, only a few hours earlier, I was sitting in Hippy Chicks Gazebo watching hundreds of Swallows swooping around in a feeding frenzie eating same damn insects we can't seem to kill with chemicals. I did not encounter one mosquitoe at her place, and we walked through the whole property. If anyone should have mosquitoes it should be her, she has two ponds surrounding her property. An obvious breeding area.

I made a very very good Lazagana yesterday.....all the planets had finally aligned... when we sat down for supper we smiled at each other across the table. We remarked to each other how lovely it was, and looked forward to left overs the next day. Then I turned into a Stepford wife....kidding.. I told Gord to remind me to put it in the fridge in about an hour or so, because it was still so hot. I forgot, he forgot........... it sat on the counter for 12 hours. So, I said all the seven words George Carlin said could never be said on TV this morning when I found it still sitting on the counter. I think I even scared the crow family out in the back 40...into silence. Did I tell you they have a baby with only one leg?. Now I have a handicapped baby crow who yells for his mama all day long. Do I phone family services? I think that is the same one who is tipping over my fountain in the pond. It's probably kind of hard to drink out of the pond when you are sitting on a slippery plastic pool ledge..when you only have ONE leg! Poor little fart, he probably fell in, and he is almost as big as my pond!

Happy Canada Day....or whatever day you like to be happy on.


Donna said...

We have the Weber-Q....great little grill!! We just don't have the side things.....Happy day Joan!hughugs

Brenda said...

James built a monster grill cause when we cook around here, we're feeding so many it's a frenzy. Glad you found the one you were looking for.

Happy Canada Day!!

AndiePandie said...

If you don't call it a grill, what do you call it?

Glad you had fun at HippyChick's!

Joan said...

Andie...we call it a barbeque. You call food a barbeque after you have have grilled it. Funny that!

Joan said...

Donna, I am so happy to hear someone else has this, it's hard to get in Canada. Ours is propane, and I have had a heck of a time trying to get the attachment converter for a 20 lb. propane tank. My store doesn't have it and no one on the internet wants to ship to Canada!! pfssst.

AndiePandie said...

Actually it's only called barbecue if it's been smoked. If someone just grilled something, it's just grilled whatever. :) That said, I think my parents used to say bbq for grilling.

Donna said... Hubby said he'd look and see what he could find out for you. Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Donna said...

OK, Hubby said, on the internet, go to:

click on Store
click on Grill Accessories
click on Weber Q
scroll down to Weber Q 6ft adaptor hose
click on picture
now you can order it...


Hope this helps? Or have you already tried this?....hughugs