Monday, June 16, 2008

A garage full of Lutherans

We had a great time at Gord's Auntie and Uncles anniversary. They held it at there house, but in their garage to be honest. They had the whole garage decked out in party style, with a picture wall of their lifetime together, and had tables set up for a party. Fortunately they removed their cars. That would have been intrusive. We had a unusual supper, it was brought in by a Italian caterer, and I was all........lasagne..spaghetti....but no. They made the Italians try to make German food. With little success. Instead of pasta, we had scalloped potatoes, the chicken was good and had a wonderful sauce, meat a gravy sauce, (German) ribs in sauce ( Italian), and ...heh..cabbage rolls. German/ was interesting. Side dishes were "herring" and coleslaw..und das herrinks mit dem Koleslaw ...made this ole lady take some unlady like shits next day. It was unusual and kinda greasy, so I guess on a scale of 1-10 I would give it ..3. But, so what... After supper everyone started talking, and the acoustics in the garage was starting to fail, and I couldn't hear a word anyone was saying.....yet, all these old farts could hear each other. .....they were screaming... I had to get out.

I sort of stayed to myself, and let Gord, my SIL Sheila and BIL Ron enjoy reuniting with their relatives. I know who they are, but it's not like they are close to me. They had a large patio outside where we could sit and umm (smoke) if we wanted to. I was amazed at the amount of non smokers I attracted.... who needed a fix. Plus there was two puppies, who became my best friends.

I didn't take any digital pics during the ceremony after supper, I had my little video/digital camera with me, but once they started to speak, I decided to go video, and I am glad I did. It was the best. Auntie Hedy is 77 and Uncle Eddy is 83. They told the best stories. Their wedding cake was soaked with homebrew, and then iced. Auntie Hedy said Gordon couldn't get enough of it, and he was only 8. Yeah, now I now why he loves his booze a little to much. There was so many stories that were told from the old days, but guess if I were to tell my stories from my youth to my nieces they would seem a little crazy too. Oy..I would never tell it all. I am sure they didn't either. I will try to take some of the video out and get pic's from it. But the video was 30 minutes long and I am sure you wouldn't want to hear a bunch of drunk Lutherans talking, clapping and burping at the same time.

On Sunday, I was bright and chipper, and started to work in my garden again after lunch. I worked my little heart out and finally got it to the stage that I wanted it three years ago. I'm getting closer. You have no idea how many times I have re-arranged everything, I am getting so tired of second guessing myself, but this may be the last year at this house and I'm going to make it the best I can. It was 6:00 pm already and I just couldn't get it right, so I got out the lawn mower and mowed the lawn, so I could get a better perspective on what it would look like, by the time I was finished I was geput. Talk about assholeishness. But, I was on a mission and wanted to finish it. But, I have come to realize, a garden is never finished, their is always one more thing to do. So, today I am drinking Ben Gay. And paying for my foolishness. But, I have a plan for this weekend and am getting the material together for Phase Two.

I hope they have wireless Internet in the ER.


Donna said...

I'm relatively new to the story of Why ya'll are moving...??
Glad the ceremony was Fun!!hughugs

Joan said...

We bought a piece of property and are thinking a building a new house on it. Gord has a dream ...and I must follow his dream. Isn't that a song...I am following your impossible dream...yeah that's me.

Brenda said...

I hope you'll show us pics of your garden when you get it the way you want it.

If every tree grows that we planted this year, I hope to live to see what it feels like to live in my own little forest. :-)

I bet those Lutherans were a lively bunch. :-)