Friday, May 09, 2008

You know?

All it took was little work to find the right place to change the html. It wasn't that hard. But the blog looks a little too busy anyway. I will have to take off my dangerous pictures on the right hand side and cool my shit. Who is getting tired of this shit? Raise your hand. Well, then I guess my blog is not for you, because I can't see any self improvement seminars in my future.

Brenda offered to look for a template for me...I love her, like she has nothing better to do than help me. I will see what she comes up with, I hope she knows, I am fussy as hell. What if I don't like it? Do I tell her, or make up a story like....I loved your template, but my dog ate it. Seriously, she jumped on my computer table, went to that box thing that holds the hard drive, and took the screws off with her very sharp teeth, pulled off the cover and ate the fucking hard drive. There was no stopping her. I was frightened.

After that when she was walking around in the dark, I could actually see slide shows of all "My Pictures"... shining through her belly. I kid you not! It was kind of scary when I saw a excel spreadsheet from our latest income tax return. I thought I had deleted that; because if the tax man ever commeth, and I say the dog ate the hard drive, all he has to do is watch her walking around in the dark! What a tangled web weave when first we begin to deceive.

So, let this be a lesson to y'all.

On a more serious note. I am still worried about my Penny Loafer. Her arthritis is not getting much better. I have all the tests done, and they say it's in her right knee. All the vet gave me was a pain killer called Metacam. And this drug has to be watched as it is hard on the dog's organs. In this last month I have only had to give it to her about 6 times, but I am being careful only to give it when she is limping. I am trying to keep her calm, but she doesn't realize she is a little lame until she see's a squirrel, and it's all over!!! Chasing it like she is two years old. Then we have to start all over, and she is better in about 3 days. So, I have been scouring the internet to find alternative therapy.

A friend of mine at work adopted a 7 year old lab from the Humane Society, who was very arthritic last year, she could hardly walk and was very over weight. I saw her when he got her, and felt so sorry for her, she could hardly get herself off the floor to get up. I saw her again on Monday, about 15 pounds lighter, and on a therapy of Glucosamine and Chondroitm plus pain relievers only when needed. She was a totally different dog. Active, happy, and has no trouble getting up and about. So, I am going to go that route. I have bought dog food that has Glucosamine and Chondroitm in it, plus a supplement. I have put Penny on a diet, she was a little over weight, but not much.

It is very hard to see such an active dog, barely even being able to walk some days, and she is only eight years old. We have a lot of walks to walk, and a lot of squirrels to catch.

If you have any suggestions on this....I would love to hear them.

Biker Bitch


Lost said...

My little Toto is feeling her years as well. She has arthritis in one of her back legs and her lower spine. I get these Glucosamine tablet thingies from the vet (prescription only dontcha know) and she seems to do very well with that and the food that is for senior dogs with glocasamine and chodroitan (man my spelling sucks)

Brenda said...

This template looks great! There's no way I could come up with something as good as this cause I haven't learned much of the CSS stuff and I have to take one of the templates on blogger and tweak it. Anyway, I'll help as much and as often as I can and I'm still fiddling with one, some ideas of what you like?

Donna said...

Seriously, the font Is better. I hate having to grab the glasses.
Poor Penny...the natural way Is best. All, it seems, the Drs want to do anymore is drug,drug,drug...sick of it.
We also do the same for our Corkey. He's 16. (I'm Not Even going to try to spell those 2 words..LOL)But that's what we do also..Happy Mother's Day Joan!

Donna said...

PS- Have you looked at ??
They have Tons of blogger templates...bikers, beer...anything!hughugs

Mary Lou said...

I just have a plain vanilla blogger template that I fixed, and now it wont let me change anything, so I will just leave it alone. If I change it now, nobody will know who I am.

How old is Penny? There are some really good fairly cheap drugs you can give your dogs that help them with their arthritis pain.