Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Stinking Lincoln finally has a purpose

I bought all my bedding plants on Sunday but Mother Nature was not ready for them yet, as there was frost warnings three days in a row. I put them in the garage...and lined them up over that lazy "Stinkin Lincoln" (Fat Kat) who has been languishing in the garage all winter. You see she has hydraulic covers on her headlights and once spring comes around they pop open once the weather gets warm. They were open alright, but no I did not see any remorse for what she put me through last fall. I certainly will not be driving the bitch this year, because she will piss out her brake fluid as soon as look at me. We have gone our own ways since then. I will let Gord take over his baby from this day forth. I.will.never.drive.it.again. Done.

She looks like a girly window planter.... too bad it's pay back time.

Don't look at the snow plow, new lawn mower still in the box, riding lawn mower in the background that is for sale...and garage crappola.


Dorie said...

It looks lovely that way. Sort of like a float in the Tournament of Roses!

Donna said...

LOLOLOL.....OhMan...I needed this...Happy Day Miz Joan...hughugs

Brenda said...

Hahahahaha, I sure hope all those machines don't come to life and gang up on you some night while you're sleeping.

Sally said...

HA!! I'm laughing at Brenda!!

The car looks like it's ready for the funeral. You're too funny!! :)