Monday, May 26, 2008

My heart is still thumping....

I saw something today, I have never seen before. Road rage!!!! At it's worst.

I was driving home from work, minding my bidness, and heard someone honk their horn, and my normal response is to check the rear view mirror, and wonder what the fuck did I do now!! (I won't dispute the fact that I have been the culprit in some minor infractions.) But this time it was not me. It was the guy two car lengths behind me. I was stopped because traffic was moving very slowly as it does on a Monday drive home. So, as I was checking my rear view mirror, the scenario played itself out. A guy was walking around the car and started kicking it, really hard, he went all around the car and kept on kicking. The driver of the car did not come out. They had a brief conversation when the driver opened his window, and the then the guy went over the passenger side kicked his leg up and shattered the window....just blew it out! I was getting scared, I didn't know if this was person was crazy and was coming for the rest of us next.

When the guy smashed his window, I watched the owner of the car get out. He was calm, he was big, and looked like a US state trooper with the sun glasses and the slow gait. Not like our weenie cops in Canada...this guy was definitely someone to be reckoned with.

He walked to the front of his car, and took out a bicycle from the front of his car (which I couldn't see from my vantage point)...picked it up like a barbie toy and tossed to the curb. From what I could gather, the bicycle rider must have zipped in ... in front of him .. and wanted to change lanes. The guy in the car blew his horn...and the guy went ballistic, and threw down his bike in front of his car and started to go nuts.

The guy in the car never started to punch or that kind of stuff ... nor did bicycle guy...there was a lot of arms raised and yelling which I couldn't hear.

After that, as the traffic started to flow again, then all I could see was other guys were hopping out of their cars to help with the situation.

There has always been a love hate relationship with bicycles on our roads. It's so dangerous, trying to avoid them in the curb lane. But they are a breed of their own, and really, really take their lives in their own hands everyday driving in the city. The city has already been giving them a blind eye, to the "no driving bikes on the sidewalks"... especially along busy roads. Last summer cyclists who wanted their rights to our road ways, demonstrated, and slowed down traffic every day for a week by slowing down traffic downtown. Pricks.

Yes, I believe we should have a bike paths for those that want to travel on their bikes, and the city is trying to do that, but it's impossible to it with our infrastructure as it sits now. And bike riders have to take into consideration, that they don't pay 1 lousy cent into the road infrastructure , like motorists do with our insurance and gas taxes. But they want all of us to look out for their safety. Most of them are all...GREEN...go GREEN...get know the drill. Yes, in a perfect world that would be good. First of all, Mr. Go Green
Earth Friendly Fred, when you are ready to put your share into taxes and insurance for riding your bike on the road I PAID FOR...I will give you the right of way...which I do anyway, because I don't want to see you under the tire of my car squealing like a stuck pig. And of course I don't want your death on my conscience.

Hey, I'm all crazy tonight. This just blew me away today. I sure wish I knew how that incident ended up. I will watch the news tonight.

Other than this, nothing much new, except it's colder that a whore's heart over here. I bought all my bedding plants on Sunday, and they are in the garage.............frost warning for tonight!! Plus we had tornadoes on Sunday, about 100 miles from the city. Oy......we never have tornadoes, and we don't even have warning systems like the US.

I have been laughing my pantaloons off lately, the crows around here are starting to mate and building nests and the squirrels are either trying to steal their eggs or just being a pain in the ass. I see crows chasing squirrels...they hover over them with their huge wings and chase them all over the yard. I have never seen that's too funny. They never hurt the squirrel, far........but I see them eating road if I was a squirrel, I would cut it out already.


Sally said...

OMG, you had me at the crows eating roadkill EWWWWWW!!!

Road rage, though, is all over the place, and now it seems with what you've written the bike riders are not exempt. That rider must definitely have a loose screw, and I'd say he was fortunate not to have gotten the heck beaten out of after the damage to the driver of the vehicle.

It's bad enough to witness something like that, but can you imagine being the owner of that car. He was probably trying to warn the guy on the bike, and look what happened. I would have locked the door and had the windows closed; the wieny that I am. :)

Donna said...

I've also started to see birds eating...strange things! Tornado? Goodness...Crazy all Over. Stay safe sweetie!hughugs

Joan said...

Sally, it was the scarest thing I have ever seen. I locked all my doors and closed my windows, but the guy who's chain he was rattling was having none of that... he was one big someofabitch...and bike boy started backing down when the big dude threw his bike 40 yards off the road, and motorists started to get out of their cars trying to help.

Brenda said...

Hell, with gas prices around here, I might have to start riding a bike,,,wonder if I can find one with a basket, a tow-behind wagon that'll seat an extra kid or two, and a little motor cause I'd never be able to peddle the danged thing 14 miles to town.

I hear tell those crows are some bad dudes when they have to be, those squirrels better behave.