Friday, February 05, 2010

Collecting feces from a different species

Yes, just collecting my thoughts on a Friday night.

It's really hard typing with one hand, because Penny knows it's the weekend too. Pat..pat.. pat..the dog. I should have named her Pat.

I think I will let my inner meme flow, because it's February and there ain't a lot going on.

What is your name: Joanie Balonie

What is your real name: I SAID Joanie Balonie!..okay it's Joanie Balonie full of macaroni...are you happy now meme? jeez.

Do you shave your legs in winter: Yes I do. I live in a very cold climate and every morning I go outside and rub my legs up on very sharp crusty snowbanks. It's my way of saving the planet, so I don't have to use those BIC throw away shavers. I like doing my part. Mind you, this has cost our health care system a few bucks for all the times I come in to the ER with freezer burn. "Come see come saw."

What are you making for supper: Hello, it's not Pizza, I fooled you again...suckers! I am making a recipe I found today on one of my fav web sites "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" and it's not even Mennonite. I love it when they change the recipes up to different foods like Jewish food. It just proves we are good people. We can get along. I have had a long time distaste for bagels. I found them tough, hard to digest and I don't understand a hole in the middle of bread unless it's a doughnut. So tonite I made some baked sandwiches for supper. We have not tried them out yet....but they are waiting until Gord gets back.

3 Bagels cut in half..that makes 6...3 halves for each case you are drunk.

Put them in a cookie sheet. not take the cookie sheet out from the other muffin tins in the cupboard, then they will all tumble down and scare the dog. Man it was loud.

Clatter clatter... oops. Dog goes into hiding.

Okay then....put the bagels on the cookie sheet after you have cleaned it up... It was at this point that I had forgotten how they made the bagels...because I was at work when I read the recipe... and decided to make it my own. This is usually my down fall. I think I will remember it....

So, what I could remember from the recipe was.... put cream cheese on each sliced bagel,then topped it off with a slice of deli smoked ham and a slice of smoked turkey. Then I thinly sliced some green pepper and put that on top. After that I reheated some already cooked bacon...and
let it cool. Placed that on top...sliced some tomatoes....and topped that off with some mozz.. cheese.

Meme: Balonie, you are the bomb. I like the way you handle the cooking. We need more people like you.

Balonie: One hour tasted like ASS again! I am never trying new recipes for Friday night. We ended up eating toasted rye bread with cheese whiz..... our comfort food. Bagels taste like butt. Whe like whole grain bread and sometimes fluffy white bread...with a crispty crust. up a big batch of nothing.


Donna said...

I like Italian bread the Best! Toasted, it is SO Crispy...
Have a fun week Miz Joanie Balonie!!Hahaa

Brenda said...

Thank you, Thank you! I didn't freeze and crash!! Snowbegone!

I'm sorry your FRiday night dinner doings didn't turn out. I hope you and Gord didn't go to bed hungry.

I love any kind of good bread.