Monday, February 01, 2010

I broke my old template

I started to blog about it and hit publish by mistake. So, if stuff comes up crazy you know why. I also took off the snow effect...sometimes it bugs some computers. I'm pretty well over snow anyway.

I did break my template, but I have to admit I was farting around with the code. I just can't keep my mitts out of the code. heh. So I went back to Pyzam they are user friendly and a little tweaking never breaks the template.

Back to work Monday.....3 months to retirement! I will have to get a counter gadget to count the days down until then. That sort of freaks me out because I will might be jinxing myself.

Well ladies ...unless JimBob is still in the loop....I finally made a Sunday supper that did not taste like ass. I go through these periods when I just don't know what the hell to make for supper, during the week or weekends. Sometimes I go to the store after work and try to find something that interests me. This usually happens this time of year when it's so cold and you get sick of winter comfort food.

I didn't make anything spectacular, it was only Lasagna. But this time I didn't make it calorie wise. I went full bore. It was real Italian Lasagna with lots of cottage cheese, mozz cheese, a rich beef filling with mushrooms and onions and tomato sauce. Topped off with a Caesar salad and garlic toast. It was good. It hit the spot. Sometimes you just need to break the rules and have a meal where you don't worry about the fat. We had leftovers for lunch. We broke the rules twice, someone spank us.

Gord just got home and found a flyer in our mail box. YOGA PILATE'S CLASSES IN YOUR AREA. Hey... I looked at it because that could be a thing I might want to do after I retire. Providing my bones will only do the things they are used to: like walking, sitting, and running up and down the stairs slowly.

After reading the flyer Yoga might be a little more than I can handle. I don't see Yoga in my future.

They have: Zumba with Stephanie, Bosu Box with Craig, Yin Yoga with Aly and Power Yoga with Dana.Vinyasa Flow with Wendy. Then, Mind over Matter with Debbie, or HEY here we beginner with Sam or Sari. I'm wondering if Sam or Sari could contort my legs into a yoga position before I get a cramp and scream so loud that they might consider giving me my money back. Last AND least Cardio Kickbox with Melissa. Ahhh Melissa I so don't want to kick your box, so I think I will do you a favour and bow out of this class.

Okay, this night is not going as planned. I wanted to make more fun of Yoga, I made a small attempt.

Gord came home while I was writing my post, and decided to go for short nap until supper was ready. THE DOG...who likes to "herd" people out of the bed has been watching me and waiting for me to say...."Gord..time for supper" She cannot wait to jump in the bed and get him out! She is so funny. She has been in and out of the bedroom for about 20 minutes waiting for me to say the magic words. I just went into there and she is sitting on the floor on his side of the bed.....waiting. Looking at me....all she needs to get ballistic is for me to say "Gord time for supper"and the roof will raise a few feet.

Then I burned my fingers getting my baked sliced up taters out of the stove. I used a towel instead of oven mitts. My life is sucking big donkey balls. Now we shall eat.

Break time....I'm going to make the dog crazy and make dinner. With large band aids on my burned fingers.

Much later

I'm back. Supper was pretty good. Breaded chicken breasts, oven roasted taters with carrots and peas.

When I told Gord to get up, all hell broke loose. I told Penny "it's time for supper" she jumped on the bed "barking" and got behind him and started nudging him out of the bed. She means business when she is in herding mode. "Move along you lazy ass." heh. In the morning when I am ready to get up, I tell her "time to get up." ... and she jumps off the bed barking her face off and herds me into the bathroom. We are her sheep. She loves to work.

Back to Yoga. There was another class I forgot to tell you about I might be interested in "beginner yoga mat sitting." Yep, first I will have to learn to sit on it...then maybe they can take my long langy frame and try to twist it to suit the flow, the bosu, the zumba, the vinyasa, the boot camp kickbox, the yin, the mind over matter and the Hatha. I don't even know what language I am speaking anymore. I think they have me brain washed. Don't let them sign me

balonie...I'm beggin you.


Donna said...

I won't let them get you Joan!! I so Swear!Hahaa
Smart Penny!! I bet that's fun to watch!!!
And all that wonderful FOOD!! I've now lost 7lbs...I wqant pizza...Hahaa

Poolie said...

Mat sitting sounds like a great place to start! Even I could do that. Not to dissuade you from yoga, but the ONE time I EVER ripped a public fart was in a yoga class. wasn't a butt fart. That's all I'm gonna say. You figure it out.

Joan said... no!

Joan said...

Donna...yay for you... 7 lbs. is great. Normally we don't even indulge because of Gord's heart problems, but sometimes you need and change.

Katie May J. said...

Joan, please come live at my place in Saskatchewan and be my cook. Pretty please? I am so damn bored with my own efforts.
I don't know about pilates yoga, but regular yoga is nothing to be afraid of -- Poolie's ""farts" notwithstanding. Oy!
My friend who is now in her seventies turned me onto the Five Tibetan Rites (link on my webpage for details and how-to), which I've now been doing virtually daily for two years. My friend started out doing variations of them because of her age and some infirmities, but now people tell her she looks twenty years younger. She's had all kinds of health benefits from them. The anti-aging part is the most appealing to my vanity, but the other physical aspects are nothing to sneeze at! Anyway, the Tibetan Rites pre-date yoga and the postures are used in yoga, which is a beautiful thing -- do not let anything scare you off it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish I had a Penny in my house! I can never get out of bed on the weekends at a decent hour and my kids sleep until 2:00 or 3:00 on the weekends if they're not working!

Joan said...

Hi Katie May..thanks for dropping in. I love nothing more than meeting another Canuck.
I have been reading your blog for some time now I must have got it from Kathy's site.
I'm going to check out the Tibetan stuff.

But I like Mennonite exercises like making soup and Farmer Sausage and eating it.

Just kidding I will give it a shot. Nice to meet you.