Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm seriously late in posting

You know how it is in the middle of fricking winter. We just cleaned up after yet another storm that came this weekend. I no like. I am giving the big guy upstairs a "what the heck are trying to do to us look."

I broke my kitchen broom trying to get all the snow off my truck on Monday. Just as well, I hate sweeping the floors. From now on I'm letting the dog search for crumbs on the kitchen floor and she can clean it up. My own swiffer sniffer girl. She loves pieces of old macaroni or the odd peas or corn that have slipped down to the floor. My doggie vacuum.

So yeah, it's cold and it is annoying. I'm looking forward to this weekend... the winter Olympics (which will be held in BC Canada this year). I love the opening ceremonies and that will be Friday night. THEN..we get a long weekend to boot. I see a lot of sleep in my future. Much needed because....

Gord is going to a sleep clinic next week. He snores and forgets to breath. It's unfortunate that I sleep like the dead until about 4:00 AM ... he could be doing this all night long....but then I hear it later ..with him snoring..... and I wait.... then I jiggle the water bed...and he starts breathing again. Sometime I don't jiggle, I just wait...and finally he draws a breath. It's scary. I know it's sleep Apnea. So we are going to fix this next week.

He gets so mad at me for kicking him in the balls...or just gently kicking his legs to wake him up and try to turn him over. It starts in the early morning and goes on until I have to get up. I am a tired balonie. So we get the sleep testing machine next Thursday. In home. Which is good.

I will sleep in the downstairs bedroom with the zombies. So I don't disturb him. I am not fond of that bed. It has a mattress.... and I am not used to a mattress.... I need me a waterbed. But I can overcome it for one night. I will have to take the dog down there with me, because she has a weak bladder and wakes him up all the time for pee pee at 3:00 AM. When I am snoring.

Anyone out there that knows about Sleep Apnea......what should I ask the the consultants when we go in?


Sally said...

I've heard of it, Joan, but don't know anything. I hope they can help him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joan,
So...sleep apnea. My husband has it and uses a cpap machine. The machine has changed his life for the better. No more falling asleep at parties, he can actually go to the movies and WATCH the whole movie without falling asleep three minutes into the previews.

You don't have to ask the Docs any questions - they are the experts. My HUB did the sleep study without the cpap and then with the cpap. They found out that he stopped breathing for so long without the machine that his oxygen levels dropped lower than a heart attack patient.
Before we knew what he had, his snoring was horrid and he would keep me awake every night. He would then stop breathing and suddenly gasp for air with a horrible sound. On Sunday afternoons he would fall asleep in his recliner and my kids would take turns pushing him so that he would wake up and start breathing again.
Both of your lives will improve once he gets his cpap machine, I promise!