Thursday, February 25, 2010

My little man

That damn family newletter always kicks my ass. I already got a compaint that I messed something up. I was cutting and pasting emails and pictures into blogger and I must have cut one entry a leeeeetle to short. But, it's done. Next year I will not have a problem because I will be unemployed and have nothing better to do. Providing I still have a brain. Any bets?

I hope they know it has cut into my Olymipic TV watchingness. Don't groan.

Tonight it's figure skating and I will be right on it. But I still have an obligation to post some crap on here.

I stealing shit from the newsletter, this my cousins kid......

No wonder he made into preschool. He's a player.


judemiller1 said...

So glad Joannie got a medal. Such a difficult time of her--I just bawled when I watched her.

Your cousin's kid is a cutie. Glad the newsletter is done.

Grandma K said...

I'm so impressed with your family having a newsletter. I would imagine it is so much work, and that keeps me from suggesting it to out families because I know they would say - ok you do it!

I agree - your cousin's kid is a cutie!

Donna said...

He's very Handsome as Well!!
You're sweet to do a newsletter Joan!! They should appreciate you!!
Happy weekend!