Sunday, February 07, 2010


Attract the squirrels..

This is my friend Meryl the Squirrel. A fluffy grey squirrel. We have a relationship. He's kinda shy, but he is a warrior when the little red squirrels that try to steal his peanuts. He waits for me every day on the highest bough of the tree. He thinks he is hiding, but I know where he is because he make little noises and his feet start moving which bring snow down to the deck.

Swerving Merv I call him sometimes ....he can dash so fast it makes your head spin.

Then he watches me from the door, eating his loot.

Sometimes the grey squirrels and the little red one's duke it out. The red one's are so noisy and chatter chatter....the big grey guys are silent and just go about their business and try to out manoeuvre them.

We have lumpy type stucco walls on the siding of our house....and when a real fight between the squirrel Mafia gets heated ... the chase begins... they run up and down the side of the house. It looks really cool when you see a squirrel running up a wall of your house. Just hanging there! All for a peanut.

Maybe I should do that to Gord....if you want supper ... or a peanut...or something else? climb some walls. You need to lose a few inches.... let's see you climb the stucco. Make mamma proud.

That's all I got. Time to go and eat a chicken. Not squirrel ... can't catch that bastard.

balonie .... a squirrels best friend.


Brenda said...

They're fast as greased lightening!

Donna said...

He's a little doll...and he Sure has his eye on You!!!Hahaaa
Stay warm friend!!