Sunday, May 23, 2010

Been working like a dog.

Gord is renovating his shop. Today was the day we were going to take out the old ass carpet. Well let me tell you....the guy that laid it down had glue in his brains. It was only a small area around his desk, but it was glued to the cement so tight we have spent 2 days trying to remove it , and let me tell you there is NO easy way of taking glued carpet off a cement floor. We fought the good fight today. We took turns holding an ice scraper under the carpet while the other hit it with a sledge hammer. Or the back of an axe when the that didn't work too well.

Finally I gave up and told Gord there has to be an easier way. So I filled up a few buckets of hot water an poured it over the rug and let it set for a bit. It didn't take more than 15 minutes when we could start get the backing of the rug to absorb the water thus making it much easier to remove. I had another thought, as we were doing this, but old bullhead wouldn't take my advise, I was going to go home and get some Fleesy that I throw in the washing machine...which makes fabric soft... I thought for sure that that would work. The hot water and a heat gun we used worked, but by gum I think Fleesy would have worked wonders given about 1/2 an hour to make the fibres relax.

We worked for three hours...he did most of the bitching and the real grunt work, and I looked for solutions plus did a lot of grunt work. Why do men always argue with you when you give them your point of view? Or a solution? Frankly I am getting tired of that. Be that what it may, I will be painting the shop next week. And yes, the company (he and his brother own the property) will be paying big fucking bucks. I have decided I'm starting tomorrow...which is a holiday in that would make it stat holiday that I should be paid for if I'm working for the boys. I'm thinking 18.00 bucks an hour. Plus expenses...driving to Home Depot getting the paint...and flirting with the paint guy. I was over there last week checking out prices....and he didn't seem like a guy who would make me shovel out hardened carpet or make me hit stuff with an axe.

When I go there on Tuesday, I will be looking very pretty. I will have removed all the grime from my feet and face by then. I also will be very verry blonde.. I'm doing my make over tomorrow. I'll be ready for him. And that will probably be his day off.

Yeah....I am the most unluckiest person alive.

Hope y'all like the new suits me I think. It will be a keeper for and Bob doing a dance.


Curtis said...

Well at least you're having lots of fun with the carpet and all. I think maybe you should sell the shop and have Gordy work from home. That way he won't be forgetting stuff because he will already be there. lol. Hey you like painting so much hows about comin' over here and doin' some. I HATE to paint but I have no choice unless I pay someone else to do it. Good to see you have adjusted and are enjoying retirement. lol

Brenda said...

You know I've got that Sponge Bob Square Pants song rambling around in my head now, don't you?

Don't listen to Curtis! If Gord worked from home you'd hang him for sure,,,poor misunderstood fella, hahahahaha.

Grandma K said...

Ugh - trying to remove carpet stuck on a concrete floor. Since it would only be needed for this, you probably wouldn't want to buy one, but there are scrapers out there for things like this. We had to use one to get two layers of vinyl floor covering off out concrete floors so we could lay tile. NOT. A. FUN. JOB.
I know how you feel!

judemiller1 said...

Can't wait to see the new verry blonde you! I have never had to remove carpeting glued to a cement floor--thank goodness. It sure doesn't sound like fun, but now it is done and...onward and upward. I think $20.00 for painting is the standard pay.

Joan said...

Jude I think the standard pay will be 30.00 bucks an hour and they have to kiss my ass.

Sally said...

Okay, let me get this straight.

You're retired.

But, you're already working again.

Hmmmmm :)

Donna said...

18 an hr?? No flippin Way Girlie!!!Hahaa!!
Charge 'Em!!!
You're Worth It!

And the Next time you have a great idea? Just Do it...NEVER consult with "the man". They're cavemen...Hahaa

My Kateness said...

The new design is refreshing!
Thanks for the detailed instruction about posting photos (at my blog); I will give it a shot and say again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I knew there had to be a simple way, but how was I to find out what it was? How come *you're* so smart?!