Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let's move on.

I made a nest for Penny in the garden. You can't really tell from the picture that it was fairly high. She loves nothing more than a whole pile of old leaves and branches to tuck into. And it didn't take more than a day before she laid some dog eggs. A brown one and a green one. We named them brownie and greenie. Here she is trying to crack brownie open to see if there is a puppy in there.

Soon, she became very broodie.... do you you see the hate in her eyes.....and popped out another greenie. Ahhhh twins... I think she was still trying to sit on brownie.

She waited for days....with much dismay.....and no greenie egg pups cracked open. They sat in the nest and taunted her. She waited and waited.

Then one day, she had enough and ate them. I was cruel but she was at her wit's end.

What's a girl gotta do?


Donna said...

Ahhhh...Miss Penny sure looks happy cracking those...eggs!Hahaa
Happy Day to you Joan!!

Sally said...

You are one crazy broad, you know that? :)

Penny is SO cute, but I think she needs a brother, and I'll be happy to send Hopper Henry to you!! :)

Joan said...

One crazy thanks for the compliment.