Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Day 3

It's been interesting around here. First the waterbed sprung another leak on day #1...and at 7:00 AM in the morning I might add. So we finally put that old piece of plastic to rest and I bought a air bed to get us through until we buy new furniture for our new house. Well, fortheloveofmike...... do you think we could blow that sucker up? ... All Gord's good air compressors are stored in our garage because he is renovating his shop. We looked for them but they were hidden with all his junk. So, he remembered one he bought years ago that was in the basement. Apparently this one was meant to blow up a balloon. It's big and scary, but it couldn't blow a fart if it had to. Finally we found the instructions yesterday and it said to recharge it for 18 hours.....well okay then, why was I trying to blow air in it for every ten minutes and it died. Jeez.

Long and short, still sleeping on the sofa. I kinda liked the sofa last night, I'm starting to make it my own. I love the way the light comes in the living room in the mornings. I have the whole sofa to's a really wide one once I take the back cushions off the back...and I can stretch out.

Today on day 3 of retirement I went out. I did not clean like I have been doing for two days because my head was still telling me.....get that shit done...before you have to go back to work!

I had a low tire on my truck and took it into WalMart to be fixed. Originally I thought it would only take an hour or so to get it done, but once I got there they said 2.5 hours. First of all I was ticked off....but then .... holy shit...I don't have anything else to I told them to take their time while I perused WalMart and the MALL. I haven't been in this mall for about 3 years ... and it's a big one.

After all... the guys at work had given me a gift card for some new American Company that had just set up shop here...Bed Dead Bodies and Work Them. I checked the whole entire mall and couldn't find this shop. Later I checked my card and found out it was called....Bath & Body Works. Sometimes I get confused with these Linen companies ..bed and bath and that kind of shit. So yeah, I found the shop. A very small one located in the mall...with about 15 sale's reps with headphones on asking me what I was looking for. People you have to realize I have been living in a bubble for the last 14 years...and they pissed me off. I told them I would ask them as soon as I knew what the hell they were selling. They left me alone after that. But there were so many people in there it was almost impossible to smell it all.

You see, we in Winnipeg live approximately 150 miles from Grand Forks North Dakota....and our people would flock to Grand Forks for their other stuff we can't get in Canada. And in my opinion....people must have too much money if they want to buy BODY products....just take a fucking bath. Get over it. It was crazy. But that's the way the world waggles.

So this will be my indulgence. Maybe it will be a good thing. The scents are not over powering ... as in this will give you a headache. Most perfumes almost make me drop dead on the spot. And I only spent half of the card value because I had a coupon that the company gave me, plus they had a store promotion going on. I can buy more if I want. So, who knows maybe you can get the old people smell off an old chick.

I checked out the food courts in the Mall. Yep, full of ole people having a late lunch...and By George they looked like they were having a good time. I bought an ice cream cone and sat in one of the benches and watched. The Mall is bizarre, doesn't anyone work? It was 3:00 PM! People are buying crap all over the place. Maybe they only work nights?

Plus, as I was walking back to WalMart to pick up my truck I met a friend of mine that I worked with at a radio station about 15 years ago. We live in the same area of town, and meet up occasionally. She is retired now and we got to talking and we might might meet up in the food court for lunch...or a 2.00 dollar movie. Just what ole farts do.

Balonie....making a mole hill out a mountain.


Sally said...

OoooLaLa - love all your new bath & body products!! :)

Every now and then, I'll think "I should go & volunteer at the senior center" and then remember I
AM a senior. lol

Brenda said...

Lovin' your life of leisure tales.

I'm with you about the strong aromas of some perfumes and stuff. I like Bath and Body Works lotions and body butters. Once I put that one it's all the scent I need. Next time you go try the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent. It's delicious!!

Poolie said...

Oooooh! The Warm Vanilla Sugar is one of my faves! I could live in that store!

Donna said...

Hahaaa...Yeah, we have a Bed & Bath here to...I Rarely go in..headache City.
Well I'm Glad you're trying to slow your pace down a bit...sounds FUN!
Go enjoy and Take Pictures!!

Grandma K said...

I know what you mean about strong aromas in perfumes and colognes. I have made it clear to my family that I cannot wear a lot of the brands. My daughter has gotten the same way - as she got older. Does that say something?