Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh hi internet

Will someone please come over here and tell my husband to quit coming home 1,345 times a day. IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING!...He forgets his service call book on the counter, he forgets his sunglasses, he forgets his keys to the shop, he forgets to get the hell out of here before 11:00 AM.... and then he is back home for lunch by 12:00. Mercy me. I wonder what he did while I was at work. Well not really, he was driving back in forth to the house picking up shit he forgot. And just made it back for lunch.

Then in the morning he has a list of things I should look into. Find a bill for this, find a bill for that......go find it yourself did just fine without me before. This morning when he was ordering me around, and said ...hey you are retired and now you have time to do this. I replied, I am retired, but apparently I just got a new boss! He stuttered for a moment...and started to laugh... Point made. And if I have to make that point again, he will be sitting on it. God forbid he retires EVER. It's obvious we need our space.

We are in a heat wave right now...which is unusual for May and it's making me cranky....You just can't come off a cold winter without rain in spring and into a heat wave. Normally Mother Nature will give us a period of grace taking us from the cold to warmer temperatures. I find it uncomfortable. I need the transition. Many of my trees have suffered from this as well. Their buds never developed and didn't have enough moisture to survive.

I hope we don't have a summer of high temps. I can't stand the heat and I don't want to spend my first summer of freedom sitting in the house with the AC going.

I might have to rent a cottage at the lake. Gord can come a visit on the weekends.


Donna said...

Geez, y'all sound like me and Larry....The cabin on a lake sounds WONDERFUL...ALONE!!!Hahaaaa

Grandma K said...

What you have just said is why I really don't want husband to retire. While it would be nice when we are away, on a daily basis, no. I get a good example when he is off on Monday. I figure I will have to be sure that I am completely self sufficient up stairs, but the fly in that ointment is he was scoping out the upstairs for himself.

Hopes, wishes and hugs to you!

judemiller1 said...

Hey--I know what you mean. We were together 24/7 on our trip. Now that we are home, doctor's appointments and trips to the store get me some freedom. We don't want them to go away forever--just for an hours respite would be enough. I get so tired of that damn TV on all the time--spend a lot of time in here on the computer.

Sally said...

hahahahaha - I'm sorry, can't help it!

Susan said...

THey are all the same. My husband has to keep coming back for things too. I dont know how many times he has been at a check out before he realizes he hasnt remembered his wallet!But gee, isnt it such an endearing quality?

Brenda said...

Ditto on the cabin by the lake! You could send him postcards and let him visit on the weekends. :-)